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 Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA).

With this foundation fiber optic training course, gain in-depth knowledge of single channel fiber optic networks, CWDM and DWDM networks. Planners, designers and operation engineers focusing on metro networks, fiber to the antenna, mobile backhauls and data center interconnects and other long distance networks will benefit the most from this course.


Certified Optical Network Engineer (CONE)

The advanced training course in optical networking focuses on higher speed transmission networks. The course enables you to understand trends in higher speed transmission or 40Gbps, 100Gbps and beyond in core networks. This will help them determine how higher speed transmission requirements can be met by the systems you design.


Custom corporate training classes

For companies that need custom training at their locations, an instructor may be able to visit the location and facilitate the training. We can also adjust the content to emphasize those aspects of the training that are more relevant to the company. Complete the CONA class request form to initiate the training.

Why fiber optic training courses?

Whether you are a manager, engineer or technician involved in the deployment of fiber optic infrastructure or designing and planning optical communication networks, OTT fiber optic training courses or optical network training is essential to get you up to speed with your role.

Fiber optics and optical communication technologies evolve continuously. Communication systems have evolved from as low as 155Mbps in the long-haul back in the 80s to delivering 100Gbps and more per channel today. Even the most experienced of designers or planners need periodic refresher training in fiber optics or optical communication networks to keep themselves up to date with the rapid changes.

Why fiber optic training classes with FiberGuide?

At FiberGuide, we are very passionate about optical communications and fiber optic training. Our  training classes in fiber optics are facilitated by a trainer who has been in the industry for over 20 years working with fiber optics and photonics.

While for many people, fiber optic training is about splicing and installation, our fiber optic and optical network training classes go deeper into the intricacies of optical communications for designers, planners and operation staff of today’s networks and next generation networks. Of course, we collaborate with others with many years of experience in fiber optic installation training to bring such training to those whose roles focus on fiber optic installation.

FiberGuide collaborates with Optical Technology Training (OTT) to leverage their optical network training content development expertise.

Our certified optical network training does not end with the 5-day training sessions. We encourage our trainees to join our trainee forums and to contact us to discuss issues they may be running into. We endeavor to write articles relevant to our trainees to address the ever changing industry.

Why did FiberGuide partner with OTT to deliver optical network training?

OTT has been developing and delivering certified training programs in fiber optics and optical networking for almost two decades. FiberGuide was interested in a partner who has the experience and can develop fiber optic training content, manuals and offer certifications that meet the level of quality and depth that we are accustomed to. OTT is exactly what we were looking for. This partnership allows us to focus on delivering rich fiber optic training content while leveraging OTT’s experience and passion in developing up to date, high quality training presentations and trainee manuals.

OTT fiber optic training and optical networking content is well regarded all over the world. In Africa, the program is accredited by the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA).

Are their hands-on activities during the optical network training sessions?

OTT fiber training courses are well designed for professionals in different optical communication roles. CONA and CONE courses primarily target those professionals responsible for the design, planning and operation of optical communication networks. The objective of these courses is to go deeper into the advanced concepts of optical networking. While scenario based exercises and demo units (such as Whizziekit and loss test sets) are used to demonstrate these concepts, most time is spent discussing the concepts.

Other courses such as COFI and CFCE designed for installers, testers and network maintainers are mostly hands on.

How does FiberGuide evaluate their training in fiber optics?

Trainees will work on assignments in class that may include fiber and system component specification and the design of a network scenario. Attendees are also required to take an examination at the end of the 5-day class. Assignment and examination documentations are sent to OTT for evaluation before certificates can be issued.

Are your fiber optical training courses industry recognized?

OTT has been approved as a preferred provider for the IEEE Certificates Program.  Being part of the program allows our training partners to offer IEEE Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs) certificates for all 5-day fiber optic training courses  – COFI, CFCE and CONA. The CEUs and PDHs may be used by professional engineers to contribute towards their continuing professional development (CPD) goals.

Where do I find my fiber optic training (or fibre optic training) program of choice?

At the top of the page there are three programs including CONA, CONE and COFI which is offered in collaboration with our partners. If you are looking for a different program, please visit the OTT web page.

Why has a class not been scheduled near me?

FiberGuide has two training models, open enrollment and custom corporate training. In open enrollment, a class is scheduled and anyone interested in the course can register and attend. We can only schedule these classes in limited regions based on our understanding demand for the course in that region. Complete our fiber optic training course request form to be notified when a class is scheduled near you.

In custom corporate training, we offer training to companies with teams that need to be trained. We will endeavor to have our instructor plan to visit the company and deliver the training. Interested companies should also complete the CONA course request form.

Contact FiberGuide to let us know if you are interested in a course

If you are interested in the CONA training, let us know by completing our contact us form. This will help guide us on where we should be scheduling our classes.