Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA)


Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA)


The widespread deployment of optical fiber networks by telecommunication operators and service providers demands engineers and managers with a solid foundation in optical networking. Such a background is essential for network planners to develop high quality fiber optic networks that are cost efficient and can easily be adapted to meet the ever-growing bandwidth demand. Our certified optical network associate (CONA) course is suitably developed to accomplish that goal.

While there are so many changes taking place in optical networking including the development in Tbps speeds, coherent detection, polarization multiplexing, Flexigrid and next generation CDC ROADMs – 10/25Gbps and direct detection will remain relevant for a long time. 10Gbps offers the lowest cost per bit and can enable a lot of capacity through DWDM. Before studying the latest optical networking technologies, engineers should take CONA to be well versed with the current technologies.

About Certified Optical Network Associate

Certified optical network associate is an intermediate level course in which attendees learn the fundamentals of optical networking including the transmission of light through optical fiber and widely deployed commercial systems. Trainees learn how to design and plan efficient and cost effective high speed optical point to point links and networks that meet today’s and future requirements.

Certified optical network associate focuses on single or multiple channel systems using course wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) or dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technologies. Systems capable of transmitting 10Gbps to 25Gbps per channel and up to 80 channels per fiber are studied.

Common applications such as national backbones, core networks, mobile backhaul or fiber to the antenna (FTTA), dark fiber and data center interconnects (DCI) are reviewed as case studies.

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Attendees who successfully complete certified optical network associate (CONA) will in future have the option to take a more advanced course, CONE.

Where can I take a Certified Optical Network Associate class?

Certified optical network associate training is offered through OTT partners in different parts of the world. FiberGuide offers CONA in selected cities in Africa and collaborates with Fiber Insight to deliver CONA in North America. Please visit OTT website to enquire about CONA training outside Africa and North America.

Who should take CONA optical network training classes?

CONA is developed for IT and telecommunication professionals who are interested in deeper understanding of optical communications. Professionals responsible for the planning, designing, implementation and operation of the following types of networks will benefit the training:

  • Long-haul networks
  • Metropolitan networks
  • Fiber to the antenna (FTTA)
  • Data center interconnects
  • Enterprise wide area networks (WANs)
  • Dark Fiber

Do you offer DWDM certification training course?

CONA training is dominated by DWDM concepts and delegates learn everything they need to know about DWDM systems in a vendor neutral course. There is no need to take a separate DWDM training course at this level. For more advanced systems for higher speed transmission, CONA certified candidates can take CONE.

Two training models for CONA certification?

CONA can be offered in open enrollment classes in which anyone is free to register and attend. Please complete the form below to be notified when an open enrollment class is scheduled near you. Companies wishing to have their teams of six or more people to be trained can contact us to schedule training at their location. Such classes are typically open only to employees of the company. Please complete the form below to inform us of your training needs.

A great course for transmission engineers, network planners, project managers and operation staff.
CONA is a prerequisite for the more advanced CONE course.