Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA)


Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA)


Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA) training program is a must have for practicing or aspiring optical network engineers, fiber optic engineers or those in closely related roles. FiberGuide offers face to face, instructor-led training in pre-scheduled, open enrollment classes or to teams at company locations throughout North America and Africa. Visit our CONA class request page to view scheduled classes or to request exclusive training for personnel at your company. Contact OTT to request training in other parts of the world.

About Certified Optical Network Associate

CONA is an intense 5-day, intermediate level course in which attendees learn the fundamentals of optical networking including the transmission of light through optical fiber and widely deployed commercial systems. Trainees learn how to design and plan efficient and cost effective high speed optical networks that meet todays and future networking requirements.

Developed by OTT, CONA is a career development course for planners, project managers, operation staff, network managers etc. Delegates are introduced to optical networking and learn how to design, plan and implement cost effective and high capacity networks.

The course covers networks that use single channel per fiber or multiple channels using DWDM or CWDM. These include metro or core networks, mobile backhaul/fiber to the Antenna (FTTA), data center Interconnects (DCIs), long haul networks that require optical amplification and other wide area networks (WANs).

Delegates learn what is required for satisfactory system performance of such networks, how fiber impairments, such as chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion (PMD) and non-linear effects affect network performance and how they are mitigated.

To be OTT certified, delegates must complete an assignment and pass an assessment exam. In consideration of the depth and quality of CONA, IEEE awards Continuing Education Units (CEUs) certificates to all delegates who complete the training.

Successful candidates can opt to take the more advanced CONE training.

Where can I take a Certified Optical Network Associate class?

OTT offers CONA and other training courses through licensed partners, such as FiberGuide, around the world. FiberGuide is licensed to train CONA in North America and Africa. We offer a number of scheduled classes in Washington DC and other parts of North America. We can also visit companies needing training for their employees anywhere in the regions for which we are licensed. For training in other parts of the world, please visit OTT.

Who should take CONA optical network training classes?

CONA is developed for IT and telecommunication professionals who are interested in deeper understanding of optical communications. Professionals responsible for the planning, designing, implementation and operation of the following types of networks will benefit the training:

  • Long-haul networks
  • Metropolitan networks
  • Fiber to the antenna (FTTA)
  • Data center interconnects
  • Enterprise wide area networks (WANs)
  • Dark Fiber

Do you offer DWDM certification training course?

CONA training is dominated by DWDM concepts and delegates learn everything they need to know about DWDM systems in a vendor neutral course. There is no need to take a separate DWDM training course at this level. For more advanced systems for higher speed transmission, CONA certified candidates can take CONE.

A great course for transmission engineers, network planners, project managers and operation staff.
CONA is a prerequisite for the more advanced CONE course.