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Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA)

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Intense Optical Networking Course

CONA is an intense optical networking course covering aspects of DWDM training and many other topics in optical networking such as fiber optics, passive components, optical amplifiers, dispersion compensation, network testing, transceivers, modulation formats, and transmission systems .


Competitive Pricing

CONA training in North America costs less than $3,000 per delegate and less than ZAR25,000 in South Africa. Cost includes a 500+ page manual, OTT exam and certification fees, IEEE certification fees and teas and snacks (for open enrollment classes) throughout the training. Volume discounts may apply. Sign up for more details.


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Once you sign up, you will receive a comprehensive brochure with details of all the topics covered, and links to important information. You will also have the opportunity to request additional information about CONA and other optical networking courses or to arrange for custom training at your location.

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