128 Technology’s Session Smart Networking Solution Tested and Certified by The Tolly Group

128 Technology’s Session Smart Networking Solution Tested and Certified by The Tolly Group

Rigorous evaluation involved testing 128T Networking Platform for scalability, resiliency, operations and cloud deployment
BURLINGTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–128 Technology, the leader in Session Smart™ Routing, announced that its 128T Networking Platform has been evaluated and certified by The Tolly Group, the premier independent test lab and provider of third-party validation services.

128 Technology commissioned The Tolly Group to independently evaluate the scalability, resilience and operational features of the 128T Session Smart solution. The 128T Networking Platform received a PASS grade for each of the areas and is the first SD-WAN vendor to be certified by Tolly.

Here is a summary of the findings:

Scalability: The Tolly Group validated 128 Technology’s scalability testing for a head-end scenario, which involved initiating hundreds of thousands of user sessions. The test also included a remote branch office scenario that involved initiating thousands of user sessions. The 128T solution passed both scaling tests.

Resiliency: Tolly engineers validated testing of the 128T solution in both head-end and branch router failure/recovery scenarios. This involved deliberately causing software, hardware and system failures in the primary and secondary nodes to confirm that the routers remained operational with minimal interruption. The 128T solution passed all resiliency tests.

Operations, Maintenance and Cloud Deployment: Tolly’s engineers validated testing of the 128T router infrastructure to confirm that it can support operational and maintenance capabilities, ranging from backup/restore to command line interface functions. They also validated testing that determined whether the 128T routers can be deployed on a cloud platform. The 128T solutions passed all tests.

“For third-party validation of the performance of IT products and solutions, it doesn’t get any more credible than The Tolly Group, and that’s why we commissioned them to evaluate the 128T Networking Platform,” said Ritesh Mukherjee, VP of Product Management at 128 Technology. “Tolly’s engineers have exacting standards for performance. That the 128T Session Smart router passed with flying colors is no surprise, but it is further validation that we’ve built a powerful solution that delivers tunnel-free networking with zero-trust security baked in, and can be easily deployed in the cloud.”

“The fact that the 128T Networking platform received a certification from The Tolly Group is a testament to the product’s powerful capabilities and reliability,” said Kevin Tolly, founder of The Tolly Group. “Our validation engineers rigorously examined and verified the platform’s scalability, resiliency and operational features in ten different scenarios, and the fact that 128 Technology is the first SD-WAN vendor to be certified is a mark of its excellence in the field and the quality of its services.”

Based in Boca Raton, FL, The Tolly Group is positioned to certify vendor solutions and thereby provide evidence that their products meet or exceed marketing claims. This proof-of-performance and/or features/functions lets customers know they can buy with confidence.

About 128 Technology

128 Technology, a software-based networking company, is on a mission to radically reinvent companies’ digital futures based on a new model for virtual networking called Session Smart™. Session-smart networking enables enterprise customers and service providers to create a service-centric fabric that’s more simple, agile, and secure, delivering better performance at a lower cost. Whether your enterprise is moving your business to the cloud, modernizing the WAN edge, seeking more reliable unified communications or pursuing an industrial internet of things (IIoT) initiative, Session Smart networking re-aligns networks with digital transformation initiatives. Headquartered in Burlington, Mass. along Route 128, ‘America’s technology highway’, the company also has operations throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific. To learn more about 128 Technology, visit www.128technology.com and follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
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Matter for 128 Technology
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