128 Technology’s Solution to Be Offered by SoftBank Corp. | Light Reading

128 Technology’s Solution to Be Offered by SoftBank Corp. | Light Reading

BURLINGTON, Mass. — 128 Technology, the leader in Session Smart Networking, today announced that Japan-based SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) has selected the 128T Networking Platform to offer its enterprise customers a tunnel-free, managed SD-WAN solution that greatly enhances their network performance and security. The service is being branded as ‘SD-WAN Type X’ and represents a leap in innovation for IP network service delivery. SoftBank is a carrier that provides ISP and network services in addition to mobile communications.

Many of SoftBank’s enterprise customers are looking for networking solutions that will enhance their connectivity with cloud-based applications that drive their business forward. 128 Technology’s solution will enable SoftBank to provide its telecommunications and technology enterprise customers with a tunnel-free SD-WAN solution that offers faster access to the cloud and better connectivity with branch locations. By eliminating tunnels, the 128T Networking Platform and Session Smart Router will more effectively route network traffic to better pathways when there is network congestion, increasing both connectivity and bandwidth.

Additionally, SoftBank’s “SD-WAN Type X” offering reduces complexity and operations costs by eliminating firewalls and VPNs and by cutting cloud rental costs. The 128T Networking Platform also is designed around a “Zero-Trust” security model, so enterprise customers that are transferring large amounts of sensitive data over their network can rest assured that it will remain protected, reducing the risk of security breaches.

“We have a fundamental ‘Beyond Carrier’ strategy and aim to achieve sustainable growth by expanding beyond the traditional framework of telecommunications carriers by collaborating with leading companies with advanced technologies. More enterprises are not only interested in deploying SD-WAN to keep pace with digital innovation; they also seek a partner with the expertise to help them deploy their SD-WAN solution most effectively,” said Kunihiro Fujinaga, Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Product & Business Strategy at SoftBank. “Our new service ‘SD-WAN Type X’ consisting of 128 Technology’s solution is designed to help enterprises leverage their network to give users faster and more reliable access to the cloud-based applications that form the backbone of their business.”

“By utilizing our SD-WAN solution, SoftBank’s enterprise customers will be able to connect users with great experiences by efficiently delivering applications and resources that drive today’s businesses forward,” said Tim Ziemer, Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Business Development at 128 Technology. “We’re very excited to expand our presence in Japan and look forward to providing agile WAN connectivity to SoftBank customers that delivers enhanced security, performance and agility.”

To learn more about 128 Technology’s 128T Networking Solution and Session Smart Technology, visit here.

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