Adtran fuels XGS-PON deployment for rural electric co-op

Adtran fuels XGS-PON deployment for rural electric co-op

Adtran is provisioning multi-gigabit speeds in rural Mississippi through the deployment of its XGS-PON technology.Working in tandem with FiberRise, Adtran is bridging the digital divide across Corinth, Miss.-based Alcorn County Electric Power Association’s footprint. According to Adtran, Alcorn County Electric Power Association (ACE) is the first electric cooperative in the region to offer multi-gigabit services. ACE plans to deliver up to 10-Gig speeds across its entire footprint.
XGS-PON is a fixed wavelength symmetrical 10Gbps passive optical network technology. Among large service providers, AT&T has been ramping up XGS-PON deployments this year.

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ACE tapped FiberRise to provide the engineering, procurement and construction management elements while relying on Adtran for its advanced network technology. ACE is using Adtran’s XGS-PON to immediately offer 2G service, which will be twice as fast as the broadband services currently offered by major cable and major fiber providers in the area.
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ACE’s new broadband network will encompass all of Alcorn County, Mississippi, providing connectivity for the local businesses, manufacturing plants, farms, hospitals, schools and residents. ACE can support both mass-market residential broadband and enterprise connectivity by using XGS-PON’s higher network capacity when compared to older fiber access technologies.
“Quality broadband is essential for our membership, and for years we have watched the digital divide grow wider,” said Sean McGrath, CFO of ACE, in a statement. “Recent events have reinforced the need for a robust broadband infrastructure. We enlisted FiberRise, and its partner ADTRAN, to help us address our community’s needs with a sustainable broadband strategy. Our multi-gig approach and superior customer experience provide the advantages we need to compete and succeed for the long term.”
Working with electrical co-ops and regional service providers, Adtran has been active in rolling out faster broadband speeds across underserved rural areas in the U.S.

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