Adva’s edge device notches MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet certification for 100G services

Adva’s edge device notches MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet certification for 100G services

Adva is laying claim to having the first aggregation and demarcation device on the market to achieve MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet certification for 100G interfaces.

Adva also said its FSP 150-XG metro edge device is currently the industry’s only 100 Gbps packet aggregation and demarcation technology proven to offer the highest available levels of performance. With the Adva’s edge device, enterprises and communications service providers (CSPs) can address the increasing demand for cloud computing and mobile services by transitioning to 10G and 25G service aggregation.

The MEF-compliant technology also allows service providers and enterprisse meet the need for high-capacity wholesale, mobile and business services while also supporting automated network and 5G-reach architectures.

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“CSPs now have the power to tackle the demand for 100 Gbps aggregation at the metro edge with a solution guaranteed to deliver the highest industry standards for performance and assurance. With our unique technology, there’s now a simple and extremely cost-efficient route to MEF 3.0-certified 100 Gbps service aggregation,” said Adva’s James Buchanan, general manager for edge cloud, in a statement. “Higher speeds in the access network are becoming essential.

“In fact, with the emergence of more and more connected devices as well as the unprecedented surge in video streaming platforms, 10 Gbps is becoming the new 1 Gbps. What our FSP 150-XG480 offers is a future-proof way to deliver MEF CE services up to 100 Gbps and enable the efficient and reliable aggregation of multiple 10 Gbps streams.”

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