Altran enhances its edge platform with Intel

Altran enhances its edge platform with Intel

Altran, which is part of Capgemini Group, announced it’s working with Intel and an open source toolkit to enhance its edge computing platform. Altran’s Ensconce edge computing platform is integrated with Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS), which is an open source toolkit developed by Intel. Altran is also working with additional Intel edge artificial intelligence hardware and software technologies.Paris, France-based Altran is collaborating with a group of network operators, technology vendors and the GSMA to create a multi-operator edge platform, which is called the GSMA Operator Platform. That platform will allow operators to cooperatively provide low latency edge services regardless of the location. The combined edge platform is slated to be shown later this in a proof-of-concept  (POC) trial.
Altran’s Ensconce works on micro data centers close to the access network, aggregation points, regional data centers and central offices to host edge applications closer to the users. The platform includes several features for developers such as support for low-latency edge application development through software development kits (SDKs). The SDK provides edge applications on demand, discovers edge deployments, orchestrates applications across operator networks, and monitors and manages applications throughout the lifecycle.

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OpenNESS gives Ensconce the ability to provide uniform interfaces for 4G and 5G mobile networks to reduce network latency. It also supports a library of optimized inferencing models for computer vision called OpenVINO. It  executes low-latency inferencing on various edge AI accelerators, including Intel’s Xeon processors, Movidius Vision Processing Units (VPUs), Intel FPGAs and neural accelerators.
Altran said blending OpenNESS microservices into the Ensconce platform also supports virtual switching. OpenNESS is an open-source MEC software toolkit that enables edge platforms to onboard and manage applications and network functions “with cloud-like agility across any type of network,” according to the press release.
“Our MEC platform is focused on developer experience and will incorporate relevant application programming interfaces for application developers in both their SDKs and for developer-facing services,” said Altran’s Pascal Brier, executive vice-president of strategy, technology and innovation, in a statement. “By integrating Intel technology and toolkits including OpenNESS and OpenVINO into our platform, we will significantly amplify our edge computing solution and strengthen the offering for application developers and operators.”

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