Atlantic Broadband deploys 10-Gig fiber service for businesses | Light Reading

Atlantic Broadband deploys 10-Gig fiber service for businesses | Light Reading

QUINCY, Mass. – Atlantic Broadband, the nations eighth-largest cable operator, today announced the availability of 10 Gigabit fiber service for its business internet customers in Western Pennsylvania, Rochester, New Hampshire and Southern Maine. Additional deployments are planned this spring in the companys Belmont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Florida service areas.

The launch follows a major upgrade to the Atlantic Broadband transport network so that businesses with demanding speed and performance requirements now will have ready access to the 10 Gig speed without the need for additional engineering requirements.

The investment by Atlantic Broadband in our core network means these markets are now 10 Gig ready, so businesses looking for the enterprise-class speed, reliability and scale of dedicated internet access (DIA) or Point-to-Point solutions can be installed quickly without the need for additional network configuration work, said Heather McCallion, Vice President of Products and Programming for Atlantic Broadband. With advanced, forward-looking 10 Gig technology, we will meet the demanding data needs of todays businesses, while having the capacity to meet future needs as businesses grow.

10 Gig with symmetrical download and upload speeds opens up new possibilities for businesses of all sizes: it allows for seamless Ultra High Definitionincluding 8Kvideo streaming and uploading, the quick transport of high-resolution diagnostic and medical imaging, large-scale video conferencing, and superfast data backups.

It also will provide vital access to cloud-based business applications and platforms. In its Global Cloud Index Report (2016-2021), Cisco noted that businesses will continue to shift from dedicated, on premise servers to cloud-based applications, with 95 percent of all workloads expected to run on cloud-based platforms by 2021, where secure, high-capacity data transport is essential.

Atlantic Broadband has long been a market leader for ultrafast internet deployments. It was the first provider in Connecticut to launch Gigabit speed internet in 2016 and was the first to deploy the service a year later in its Miami footprint. Last year, the company made 1 Gigabit internet available to more than 90 percent of its footprint across 11 states, well ahead of the industry pace. We will continue to invest so that we have the very best networks for business and consumer needs, said McCallion.

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