Bluecore Now Personalizes Every Step of the Shopping Experience, From Email to Checkout, With Launch of Bluecore Site™

Bluecore Now Personalizes Every Step of the Shopping Experience, From Email to Checkout, With Launch of Bluecore Site™

New Product Line from Bluecore Applies Individual-Level Consumer and Product Insights to Offers and Recommendations as Consumers Move Across Digital Channels
NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bluecore, the retail marketing technology company that more than 400 retailers rely on to launch highly personalized campaigns at scale, today announced the launch of Bluecore Site™. Now, retailers are able to provide an individualized and consistent experience for consumers, moving beyond isolated website optimization to create a seamless partnership between email and website.

The new product line is the natural progression of the personalized experience shoppers have come to expect from email communications re-imagined by Bluecore Communicate™, eliminating the interruption of discontinuous offers, irrelevant product recommendations and messages, and poor browsing experiences.

Through the launch of Bluecore Communicate™ earlier this year and now, Bluecore Site™, Bluecore is addressing retailers’ core challenge: The inability to unify their shopper, behavioral and product data in a single place, or action the resulting insights in the form of real-time personalized products, content and offers. This results in a conflict between the experience shoppers have with retailers’ emails and the experience they have on their ecommerce sites.

The company conducted early pilots of Bluecore Site™with 40 retailers who have implemented it to personalize their email capture campaigns and synchronize their product recommendations and offers across their emails and ecommerce sites. Early users are seeing up to 94 percent increase in revenue, an 87 percent increase in click-through rates (CTR) and a 4x increase in conversion rates.

Bluecore Site™ features include:

Mirrored Product Recommendations – When shoppers click through a retailer’s email to their site, they’ll be shown similar personalized product recommendations they saw in their emails in a subtle pop-up modal. This creates continuity between the two experiences and removes the frustrating back-and-forth between channels as shoppers look to find the products that prompted their visit.

Personalized Email Capture – Shoppers are influenced to subscribe to retailers’ emails for different reasons, yet most retailers only incentivize sign-ups with discounts. This results in unnecessary discounts to shoppers who could have been captured in other ways. Bluecore Site™ now allows retailers to create email capture campaigns that are personalized to incentivize each individual with the offer predicted to be most appealing to that person in return for inputting their emails.

Promotion Consistency, From Email to Website – Shoppers will no longer receive discount promotions in emails only to arrive at a retail site and see a conflicting discount incentive for signing up for the brand’s email. Bluecore Site™ will work to ensure offers are consistent across email and website.

Personalized On-site Product Recommendations – Retailers can now greet returning visitors with customized product recommendations that are relevant to what they’ve shopped for previously, or are predicted to be interested in next, based on each visitor’s individual behavior onsite over one or multiple sessions, in addition to their known Bluecore affinities.

Personalized Exit Prevention – Bluecore Site™ can personalize the message different users receive as they leave a retailer’s site based on known behaviors, affinities and buying patterns. For instance, a shopper known to be influenced by discounts might be incentivized to checkout now to receive 20% off, while another shopper might be more likely to convert if they’re offered free shipping.

“Forward-thinking retailers have already adopted a direct-to-consumer mindset. They’re not only giving consumers a direct way to buy their products, they’re becoming digitally fluid–or ensuring that each channel is unified under one individual experience per consumer,” said Fayez Mohamood, Co-Founder & CEO of Bluecore. “The launch of Bluecore Communicate™ made us acutely aware of the need to bridge the experience shoppers’ were having on email with the experience they were having once they landed on a brand’s site. Addressing this disconnect will have an outsized influence not only on shoppers, but on retailers’ ability to increase their customer retention and lifetime value.”

Bluecore’s evolving technology and data ecosystem uniquely accesses first-party shopper and product data as consumers interact with emails and ecommerce sites. The platform can now autonomously apply the resulting insights to the personalization of 100% of consumer communications delivered through email or the e-commerce shopping experience.

In 2014, Bluecore became the only company to be able to trigger personalized emails based on user and merchandise behaviors, when it replaced a status quo that required multiple technologies and manual workflows to achieve what Bluecore could do with one. Today, the company manages nearly 500 million shopper IDs and a cumulative product catalog second only to Amazon. The launch of Bluecore Communicate in early 2019 made Bluecore the first company ever to introduce full personalization to the traditional ESP (email service provider) and a pricing model based completely on engagement.

Bluecore Site™ follows the launch of Bluecore Communicate™ in February 2019. It’s the second of three new products that will roll out under the Bluecore retail marketing platform over 12 months.

About Bluecore

Bluecore is a retail marketing technology company that’s reimagining the way retailers communicate with shoppers. Through its 2019 launches of Bluecore Communicate™ and Bluecore Site™, the company introduced retailers to a fundamentally different approach to digital marketing. For the first time ever, retailers are able to personalize 100% of consumer communications delivered by email and throughout the shopping experience. Bluecore replaces manual processes with an intelligent, AI-driven workflow and pioneered the industry’s first engagement-based pricing model. Retailers can now manage their full email program, as well as all on-site communications, from a single interface. As a result, the Bluecore platform doubles email revenue, reduces production time, and increases customer retention and lifetime value for more than 400 of the fastest-growing retailers, including Staples, Tommy Hilfiger, The North Face, TomboyX, Bass Pro Shops.
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