Botron, an Appfire Company, Releases New Book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Jira Migrations’

Botron, an Appfire Company, Releases New Book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Jira Migrations’

Rachel Wright, Atlassian Expert and Community Leader, Examines How to Migrate From Jira Server to Data Center or Cloud
BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Atlassian–Botron, an Appfire company, announced today the release of a new ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Jira Migrations. The comprehensive guide helps platform administrators understand and evaluate different Jira deployment types and create a thorough plan to migrate or merge Jira instances.

Written by Rachel Wright, Certified Jira Administrator and author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook, The Ultimate Guide to Jira Migrations examines different Jira configurations, migrations from one hosting type to another, merging applications, and more. The free ebook highlights specific challenges that are likely to be encountered when migrating off of Jira Server, and how to plan appropriately, have the right conversations with stakeholders, think through difficult scenarios, and feel confident about each step in the migration process.

“With Atlassian’s recent announcement to retire its server offerings, we wanted to provide a resource that identifies potential roadblocks, offers in-depth methodologies and provides tips for a successful migration,” said George Dinkov, co-founder and director of product engineering, Botron, an Appfire company. “Now more than ever, it’s crucial that the ecosystem comes together to share best practices for performing successful migrations.”

“There’s a lot of great migration information available, but until now, it was all scattered in different locations. I wrote this book to create one master resource to answer all the important migration questions and provide a complete, detailed plan to follow,” said author Rachel Wright.

Within the comprehensive 175+ page ebook there are 16 worksheets, including a migration checklist, and a quiz to help organizations decide whether they should move to Jira Data Center or Cloud.

The Ultimate Guide to Jira Migrations, will help readers properly prepare, execute, and test the migration process including

evaluating different migration options,

obtaining executive buy-in,

planning and tracking migration projects,

resolving conflicts and troubleshooting issues,

app suggestions to streamline effort and reduce risk, and

post-migration actions to help maintain a healthy application.

To download a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Jira Migrations, please visit

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Botron Software is a global software company that provides end-to-end data portability and administration solutions for enterprise organizations in the Atlassian ecosystem. With 4 top-performing apps on the Atlassian Marketplace and extensive experience with Atlassian Migrations, Botron’s distinctive product capabilities provide much-needed enterprise best practices for 4,000+ organizations worldwide. The company was founded in 2013 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Appfire. Learn more at

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