CAT cooperates with Huawei to build Southeast Asia’s first international OTN premium private line network | Light Reading

CAT cooperates with Huawei to build Southeast Asia’s first international OTN premium private line network | Light Reading

LONDON CAT, Thailand’s national telecom operator, and Huawei announced that they will build Southeast Asias first OTN premium private line network. This network aims to serve multinational companies and customers in public and private sectors, such as government agencies and finance customers. The network will provide high-quality domestic and international private lines to support the global transformation of enterprises and lay a solid network foundation for the Thailand 4.0 strategy.

The Thailand 4.0 strategy aims to transform traditional small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into intelligent enterprises, and add value to traditional service industries. Furthermore, Thailand’s major companies are accelerating their digital transformation while expanding their global presence. This raises the requirements for international private leased circuits (IPLCs), including faster data transmission, better network stability, and lower network latency.

CAT is poised to shoulder the responsibility of building high-quality network infrastructure to support the 4.0 strategy. The majority of CATs enterprise private lines are MPLS VPN based. The private lines suffer from unstable latency, an availability that does not exceed 99.9%, network resources that are not visible, a long service provisioning period, and lack of value-added functions such as on-demand bandwidth. This does not live up to CAT’s reputation as a leading, nation-wide telecommunications service provider.

As one of the early adopters of Huawei’s premium private line concept, CAT has upgraded its existing 100G cross-border network by deploying Huawei’s Intelligent OptiX Network solution to build a high-quality private line network that covers the whole of Thailand, while connecting China, Singapore, Cambodia, and Myanmar. This cements Thailand’s position as an ASEAN Digital Hub. The network provides superior IPLCs featuring a high bandwidth, availability exceeding 99.99%, millisecond-level latency, fast provisioning (within days), and real-time SLA visualization to support Southeast Asian enterprises in their international transformation.

Commenting on the cooperation, Colonel Sanpachai Huvanandana, President of CAT, said: “This OTN premium private line network will cover 76 administrative regions in Thailand and connects multiple countries around the world. It can provide 2M to 100G high-quality private lines for enterprises in Southeast Asia, facilitating digital transformation. It will also strengthen our Business-to-Business sector and become an engine driving CAT’s development in 2020.”

Kevin Huang, Vice President of Huawei’s Transmission & Access Product Line, said: “With a strong presence and in-depth understanding of the OTN field and enterprise private line requirements, Huawei has proposed the OTN premium private line solution that features technological advancement and sustainable evolution. This solution aims to provide ubiquitous optical connections for enterprises to enjoy a quality experience and create a win-win situation for enterprises and operators.”

Huawei has over 20 years of experience in the optical network field and has held the largest market share for 10 consecutive years. Huawei has built more than 30 OTN premium private line networks for global operators by leveraging a portfolio of advanced products, including the OptiXstar OTN CPE, ASON, and iMaster NCE. For the future, Huawei will continue to promote innovative next-generation OTN technologies to help operators build leading premium private line networks and accelerate the digital transformation of global enterprises around the globe.

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