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CBTS Delivers Optimal Remote Work Accessibility and Productivity with Secure SD-WAN Solutions

CBTS Delivers Optimal Remote Work Accessibility and Productivity with Secure SD-WAN Solutions

Empowering today’s remote and branch office workers with robust SD-WAN benefits:

CBTS ensures reliable connectivity and application performance, enabling remote workers to perform job functions seamlessly from any location.

CBTS unites custom SD-WAN with cloud-hosted threat defense for remote and branch office locations.

CBTS optimizes SD-WAN for ease of remote management, monitoring, and self-provisioning functions.

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CBTS, a leading technology provider of communications, cloud, infrastructure, and consulting to clients worldwide, is pleased to announce its suite of powerful networking solutions focused exclusively on the unique needs of remote and branch office workers. Maximizing performance relies on equipping at-home and branch locations with reliable bandwidth, comprehensive security, and enterprise-level network quality accessible to all employees no matter where they connect.

“Professionals across the industries we serve have quickly settled into the ‘new normal’ of working from home or other remote locations,” said Jana Dorton, CBTS Solutions Enablement Manager. “These remote employees, however, are still grappling with many disadvantages such as insufficient bandwidth and underpowered home-based or branch office wireless networks.”

To support organizations struggling to equip remote workers for success, CBTS has developed a suite of networking solutions designed to connect employees to reliable, secure bandwidth no matter their location or the number of users or devices sharing the network.

For decades, CBTS has been on a mission to optimize networks, making them more accessible and their users more productive. That mission continues with our latest CBTS remote worker bundles, including a Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Security and SD-WAN Bundle, VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud Bundle, and a VeloCloud + Check Point CloudGuard Hosted Cloud Security Bundle.

“These bundles are organized in tiers at different pricing levels to meet the unique needs of specific types of users and industries,” added Dorton. “By creating pre-defined remote network bundles, we can get our clients up and running quickly as their environments are required to flex and bend with work-from-anywhere policies.”

To learn more about how CBTS can help you create the optimal remote work environment:

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Gain insights into how SD-WAN tackles remote workforce challenges.

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CBTS serves enterprise and midmarket clients in all industries across the United States and Canada. From Unified Communications to Cloud Services and beyond, CBTS combines deep technical expertise with a full suite of flexible technology solutions that drive business outcomes, improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and reduce costs for its clients. For more information, please visit www.cbts.com.
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