China Unicom, Huawei trumpet ‘5G Capital’ project achievements | Light Reading

China Unicom, Huawei trumpet ‘5G Capital’ project achievements | Light Reading

SHANGHAI – At the China Unicom Beijing Branch and Huawei 5G Capital Press Conference, the two parties announced the achievements of the 5G Capital innovation project with the theme of “Smarter, Together”. They also launched “5G Capital Cube” together with industry partners such as Yitong Century, and Tencent Games to build E2E network capabilities and a win-win ecosystem.

Mr. Yang Lifan, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Beijing Branch, Mr. Wang Chuanbao, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Beijing Branch, Mr. Ritchie Peng, President of Huawei’s 5G Product Line, Mr. Liu Wei, Deputy General Manager and Chief Technology Officer of EASTONE CREATIVE, and Mr. Fu Yabin, Cloud Game Technology Operation Leader of Tencent Games, delivered keynote speeches on the 5G Capital.

Mr. Miao Shouye, Director of 5G Co-construction and Sharing Working Group of China Unicom, Mr. Chi Yongsheng, Deputy Director of China Unicom Research Institute, Mr. Tang Xiongyan, a Chief Scientist of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, Mr. Chen Chuanfei, President of Huawei’s DIS Product Line, and Mr. Zhou Yi, Director of Huawei’s China Carrier Wireless Network & Cloud Core Network Marketing & Solution Sales Dept participated in the 5G Capital Cube launch ceremony.

Smarter, Together
As the capital of China, Beijing maintains significant political status and has high requirements on user experience, environmental standards, and network reliability. With a focus on building core capabilities and enabling various industries, China Unicom Beijing has conducted fruitful innovations and practice all the way starting from the activation of China’s first 5G base station deployed in Haidian District in 2018 to the official launch of the 5G slice operation platform this year. With the continuous progress, China Unicom Beijing Branch’s understanding of 5G is growing deeper and deeper.

At the press conference, Mr. Yang Lifan, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Beijing Branch, said, “Looking back on the journey, we always adhere to the spirit of progress, innovation, and science. We build core capabilities based on networks, technologies, and platforms to achieve excellence in business, technology, and quality. In addition, internal maintenance, optimization, and sharing are always in place. Together with equipment vendors and industry partners, we have built E2E network capabilities and a win-win ecosystem, providing our users with the best 5G experience and services.”

Mr. Yang Peng, Deputy General Manager of the Network Department of China Unicom Beijing Branch, Mr. Xiao Rui, Deputy General Manager of the Network Optimization Center & 5G Innovation Center of China Unicom Beijing Branch, and Mr. Xu Rui, Deputy General Manager of the Digitalization Department of China Unicom Beijing Branch explained how to build core 5G capabilities of China Unicom Beijing Branch in terms of network, technology, and platform. They also showcased the network capabilities and operation platform for the 5G Capital at multiple landmarks, such as the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing Financial Street, and Beijing Long Distance Telephone Bureau. Based on the network capabilities and platform, industry partners elaborated on how to enable various businesses such as smart construction sites, video compression, and cloud gaming.

“5G changes the society, and new businesses pose higher requirements on network services. Networks alone are not products. How to provide perceivable services requires us to promote the development of and collaboration in the industry ecosystem. Specifically, we need to develop one-click networks, all-round ecosystem cooperation, extensive market operation, one-stop management services, and one CT/IT system to integrate various industries in a new ecosystem,” highlighted Mr. Wang Chuanbao, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Beijing. “We will continue to focus on platforms, technologies, and networks, while joining hands with industry parties to enable diversified smart services.”

5G Capital, Joint Innovation
2020 is the first year of 5G operation, with quality as a major indicator. How to enable 5G to enter thousands of households and industries in Beijing has become a key challenge. In the past six months, China Unicom Beijing and Huawei have built a superior 5G network by implementing the 5G Capital joint innovation project (6 innovative solutions + value monetization of 4 smart services + 2 showcase projects). The two parties also invited partners to engage in the implementation and development of use cases, laying a solid foundation for the 5G industry in Beijing. These actions helped improve the 5G E2E model from applications to terminals, networks, and businesses, transforming Beijing into a global 5G benchmark.

In terms of user experience, both parties are committed to building high-quality experience showcases at landmarks such as the Beijing Financial Street, Beijing Capital International Airport, and Beijing Daxing International Airport. Additionally, they worked with industry partners to empower industry applications such as smart campuses, smart construction sites, smart healthcare, smart venues, and smart education. In terms of innovative solutions, they provided outdoor and indoor Gigabit experience and helped promote industry applications by using a unified cloud platform and E2E slices this year. Downlink Carrier Aggregation, Super Uplink, and Indoor Distributed Massive MIMO have been verified on live networks and achieved considerable benefits. These cutting-edge technologies are helping China Unicom Beijing explore business boundaries.

Mr. Ritchie Peng, President of Huawei’s 5G Product Line, indicated, “We will continue to cooperate with China Unicom Beijing to enhance the operation efficiency of Beijing, digitalizing the entire city with 5G innovations. We are happy to work with China Unicom Beijing and industry partners to continuously explore technologies, standards, ecosystems, and business models, unleashing the potential of the 5G Capital and creating a healthy 5G ecosystem to achieve connectivity of everything.”

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