Cisco announces SD-WAN Cloud Hub with Google Cloud | Light Reading

Cisco announces SD-WAN Cloud Hub with Google Cloud | Light Reading

Today, Cisco and Google Cloud are announcing their intent to develop the industrys first application-centric multi-cloud networking fabric. This automated solution will ensure that applications and enterprise networks will be able to share service-level agreement settings, security policy, and compliance data, to provide predictable application performance and consistent user experience.

Our partnership will support the many businesses that are embracing a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy to get the benefits of agility, scalability and flexibility. The platform will enable businesses to optimize application stacks by distributing application components to their best locations. For example, an application suite could support a front end running on one public cloud to optimize for cost, an analytics library on another cloud to leverage its AI/ML capabilities, and a financial component running on-prem for optimal security and compliance.

The connective fabric for these modern enterprise apps (and their distributed users) is the network. The network fabric needs to be able to discover the apps, identify their attributes, and adapt for optimal user experience. Likewise, applications need to respond to changing needs and sometimes enterprise-sized shifts in load, while maintaining availability, security and compliance, through the correlation of application, user and network insights.

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