City of Davenport Selects Clumio

City of Davenport Selects Clumio

Makes Strategic Move to Improve IT Efficiency and Enhance Disaster Recovery Capabilities
SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clumio, innovator of authentic SaaS for enterprise backup, today announced the City of Davenport, Iowa, has selected Clumio secure backup as a service. With Clumio SaaS, the City of Davenport receives all the benefits of backup without the typical management burden – allowing the organization to reduce cost and allocate staff and resources more effectively.

Organizations are always concerned that they are devoting too many resources to data protection and that their backup solutions are not going to be sufficient if disaster strikes. The City of Davenport and its CIO and CTO Cory Smith felt no differently. As a result, an extensive process was launched to find a backup solution that balanced power and capability with simplicity and ease.

“If you are reacting to a data disaster, it’s already too late, so we are constantly evaluating our disaster recovery capabilities,” said Cory Smith, CIO and CTO of the City of Davenport. “After a fast and easy onboarding process and performing backups and restores in the public cloud, we found Clumio SaaS to be a better way to protect the city.”

Clumio is a secure, backup as a service that strengthens the protection of an enterprise data center and any remote sites with no hardware or software to size, configure, manage – or even buy at all. As enterprises move aggressively to cloud, they can use Clumio to protect workloads like VMware Cloud on AWS and native AWS services.

“SaaS is taking over, and Clumio is using this model to simplify backup,” stated Poojan Kumar, CEO of Clumio. “Unlike competitors, we offer customers like City of Davenport a predictable pricing model and can constantly deliver new features by taking advantage of public cloud technology advancements.”

Additionally, the always-on security of Clumio was another critical selling point for Smith. The City of Davenport stores data that needs proper encryption to remain compliant. Its police department, for example, generates multiple large data sets of sensitive information. This must be stored in a manner that is compliant with legal standards for the long term, but must also be easily accessible.

The way Clumio manages keys, handles data segmentation and encrypts data before it ever moves, all contribute to secure, cloud backup. Equally important, Clumio has built end-to-end integrity checks into its software to safeguard all data transfers.

Clumio scales dynamically to meet changing enterprise needs and provides a secure backup and recovery service. This means the IT team can focus on strategic business priorities, instead of the mundane tasks of managing backup and restore infrastructure.


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About Clumio

Clumio is the innovator of authentic SaaS for enterprise backup. Using this secure service, organizations eliminate hardware and software for on-premise backup and avoid the complexity and cost of running third-party backup software in the cloud. As enterprises move aggressively to cloud, they use Clumio to protect workloads like VMware Cloud on AWS and native AWS services. Born in the public cloud, Clumio can leverage the most modern cloud services to ensure it meets the current and future backup requirements of the most demanding enterprises. For more information, visit:

About The City Of Davenport, Iowa

Being declared “the most livable small city in America,” The City of Davenport is bound to set their residents up with only the best. With a population of approximately 100,000 people, the city has to retain some data for an unlimited amount of time. For instance, a police video could be relevant in court a few years from now. The government in charge of this city wants everyone living there to feel safe and stress free. For more information, visit
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