Colocation Datacenter Announced by

Colocation Datacenter Announced by

A little-known datacenter provider,, has just announced the beginning of the construction of a new datacenter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The carrier neutral colocation datacenter, named AMS01, is intended to meet the growing demand for datacenter space in Europe. The datacenter facility will be a 10 MW facility covering 10,900 square meters and is expected to be operational by the Spring of 2017.

The location of AMS01 in the South East of Amsterdam is on a fiber optic network routes of a number of international carriers in Europe. This enables cost, high bandwidth connectivity and enables enterprises and cloud service providers around the world to have access to the facility.

Per, the AMS01 colocation datacenter will be the most energy efficient commercial colocation datacenter in Amsterdam as it will be using “advanced cooling technologies and highly efficient UPS systems”. It is not clear what form of renewable energy the company is using for its new colocation datacenter.

Apparently, is a new entrant to the market and this is likely their first datacenter. Their website is currently under construction.

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