Comcast Business Expands Fiber Optic Network for Metro Ethernet Services

Comcast Business Expands Fiber Optic Network for Metro Ethernet Services

Comcast Business has announced that it has completed the deployment of a nearly $4 million fiber optic network extension in Fremont, California. This development will enable Comcast to bring Metro Ethernet Gigabit speeds to local enterprises in 238 buildings. The network extension – which involved the laying of over 18 miles of new optical fiber cable will see high-performance Metro Ethernet, Internet access and VoIP solutions to large and small enterprises in the area, giving them access to the much-needed tools for competitiveness and to scale their bandwidth as needed.

Metro Ethernet takes advantage of metropolitan fiber optic networks and a mature, well understood Ethernet technology to provide low cost, scalable, low latency and secure connectivity. Bandwidths of up to 10Gbps are readily available and a few providers offer up to 100Gbps. Metro Ethernet enables the subscriber to configure the network across the connected sites without the need to coordinate with the service provider.

“We identified Fremont as a city with high-tech companies ready to grow but that lacked the internet capacity needed to launch critical applications, support business operations and attract new employees,” said Ted Girdner, Comcast’s regional vice president of Business Services for California. “We rolled out our Ethernet solutions so Fremont businesses can put their focus where it needs to be – on delivering exemplary services to their current customers, and looking ahead to expansion and continued growth. We didn’t just roll-out fiber, we laid a foundation that Fremont will be able to continue to develop and live off of for years to come.”

Fremont is the largest suburb of Alameda County and the most populous city in the San Francisco Bay area. The city is dominated by organizations in the industrial, manufacturing, small business and technology sectors which will benefit from Comcast new fiber deployment.

Comcast Business Metro Ethernet offer a wide variety of services to educational institutions, enterprises, health institutions and other entities that have an insatiable demand of bandwidth, to link multiple locations or branches, or that plan to connect offices to a third-party colocation datacenter.

Metro Ethernet services offered include:

  • Ethernet Private Line (EPL): EPL provides a point-to-point Ethernet connection between a pair of dedicated user locations.
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL): EVPL is Point-to-multipoint connection that enables clients to tailor bandwidth, performance characteristics and cost.
  • Ethernet Network Service (ENS): Multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity to connect organizations with high-bandwidth requirements and multiple locations across Comcast’s network.
  • Ethernet Dedicated Internet: Continuous, high-bandwidth connectivity between customers’ LANs and the public internet.

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