Comcast Business to Invest $30 Million to Expand Metro Ethernet Network in Philadelphia

Comcast Business to Invest $30 Million to Expand Metro Ethernet Network in Philadelphia

Comcast Business announced that it will invest $30 Million to expand its fiber optic network to deliver metro Ethernet services in Philadelphia. The expansion is expected to benefit 3,000 more businesses with more accessible and affordable connectivity services.

While the existing Comcast fiber optic network already serves many large businesses in Philadelphia, the 50 route-mile expansion will encompass Philadelphia’s two major business districts – Center City and University City.

In addition to the services, Comcast will offer high performance metro Ethernet over its expanded network.

Metro Ethernet is increasingly becoming popular for connecting two or more locations in a metropolitan area network (MAN) configuration with high bandwidth. Metro Ethernet takes advantage of well understood Ethernet technology to provide low cost, scalable, low latency and secure connectivity.  Metro Ethernet enables the subscriber to configure the network across the connected sites without the need to coordinate with the service provider

“This is one of Comcast Business’ most significant and innovative infrastructure build-outs to date, and we’re proud to be making this investment here in our hometown,” said David Dombroski, regional vice president for Comcast Business. “As demand in Philadelphia for our high-performance Ethernet offerings continues to soar, Comcast Business recognizes the need to respond quickly to new businesses to provide scalable solutions that can meet demand as they grow.”

The expanded network and Metro Ethernet services will benefit educational institutions, medical industries and law firms. It will facilitate such medical applications as real-time transmission of medical imagery – MRI, ultrasound, X-rays, and other diagnostic procedures – to be performed remotely. Educational networks connecting institutions to one another for collaboration and for sharing resources become easier and more cost effective to implement.

Comcast delivers Ethernet services throughout the USA over a 150, 000 mile network. In addition to Ethernet, Comcast Business offers Internet access, Wi-Fi, Voice, TV and Managed Enterprise Solutions.

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