Cubic Highlights C4ISR and Readiness Solutions for Multi-Domain Environment at AUSA 2019

Cubic Highlights C4ISR and Readiness Solutions for Multi-Domain Environment at AUSA 2019

Cubic to demonstrate integrated C4ISR solutions and advanced training capabilities that address Army modernization priorities
SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cubic Corporation (NYSE:CUB) today announced it will showcase Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) solutions as well as realistic soldier/squad training capabilities for Army missions at the AUSA 2019 Annual Meeting & Exposition. Hosted by the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), the annual meeting is the largest land power exposition in North America.

“The success of a mission is dependent on shared battlespace awareness within multiple domains,” said Mike Twyman, president of Cubic Mission Solutions. “Accelerating the pace and quality of decision-making is essential to exploiting adversarial vulnerabilities. Our set of integrated solutions from protected communications through distribution of critical information, arm warfighters with the capabilities they need to make informed and critical decisions on the battlefield.”

Cubic Mission Solutions will demonstrate a comprehensive set of C4ISR capabilities that seamlessly integrate to address the Army’s multi-domain requirements:

Expeditionary Communications: Cubic’s GATR terminals provide high-bandwidth solutions with extremely low size, weight and power (SWaP). When compared to similar aperture size antennas, the GATR system packs into 50 to 80 percent savings in volume and weight, enabling the movement of additional combat power or other capability. The added aperture size enables protected waveform operations to support communications in contested and/or congested environments.

Real-Time ISR Exploitation and Enhancement: proven solutions that improve deep sensing and deliver critical information when and where it is needed most, maximizing the “data-to-decision” process while delivering to the common edge environment. With a distributed cloud architecture and edge-cloud approach, capabilities consistently reduce complexity, improve resiliency and empower mobility.

Precision Targeting, Situational Awareness and GEOINT Services in Disconnected Operations: an integrated and flexible software-defined C4ISR solution to combat commanders that provides uninterrupted access to real-time and geospatial intelligence sources. This communication agnostic solution is tailored to the needs of combat commanders and can interface with a multitude of current and future TCDL, SATCOM, Tactical Radio, Link 16 and FMV capabilities. It delivers geospatial intelligence product to the tactical edge to enable time sensitive analysis and targeting.

Beacen Secure Computing Platform for Tactical Edge Operations: enables mission application servers and tactical network management tools to be deployed forward on extremely low SWaP equipment. Cubic’s solution provides soldiers access to critical mission information in contested environments with a client security posture that eliminates cyberattack vectors.

Integrated Tactical Network: enables operations in a highly mobile, dynamic and electromagnetic-contested environment. Cubic’s Rugged Internet of Things (RIoT) solutions are designed to significantly lower SWaP to reduce dismounted soldier burden – higher performing expeditionary servers providing radio interoperability, AISR and cross domain for Secure-But-Unclassified (SBU) environment. Expeditionary protected SATCOM, tactical edge Air/Ground integration leverages advance waveforms in contested environments and the dismounted soldier ability to leverage host nation cellular networks.

“It is imperative for U.S. forces to converge capabilities across multiple domains as today’s warfighters face highly capable near peer adversaries,” said Mike Knowles, president of Cubic Global Defense. “We deliver game-changing training solutions that accelerate training proficiency and keep pace with the Army’s evolving training requirements.”

Cubic Global Defense will demonstrate the following realistic soldier/squad training solutions for multi-domain operations:

Live Training Systems: leading-edge realism drives Cubic’s live training systems support platoon through brigade weapons capabilities, supporting the Army’s ability to conduct multi-domain training at Home Stations, Combat Training Centers and at the Point of Need. Cubic’s Tactical Engagement Simulation Systems (TESS) provide soldiers realistic representation of direct and indirect weapons. Using hybrid-sensor technologies, Cubic has improved the accuracy of ballistic trajectories, shoot-through concealment and target defilade, while also providing realistic battlefield effects.

Soldier/Squad Training Systems: a close combat immersive training environment addressing critical individual and squad collective combat skills to the Army. Levering mixed reality, soldier/squad weapons and realistic training scenarios, Cubic provides a scalable solution for squad, weapons skills, joint fires and use of force training tasks.

Synthetic Training Environment (STE): STE-ready live and virtual training solutions. Soldiers are provided with the means to replicate multi-domain effects in an immersive training environment through the seamless integration of LVCG training domains at the point of need. Cubic is the only company to be awarded both live and virtual STE programs and through each, actively engaged with industry partners to accelerate visual interfaces, the common synthetic environment and the integration of training devices to enhance the readiness of our soldiers.

Nexus Analytics: data analytics that are leveraged to enhance soldier performance and the After-Action Review (AAR). Cubic provides a true, data-backed understanding of the training event, including but not limited to biometrics, soldier/unit readiness, current and future trends and future predictive analytics. Nexus takes advantage of all the instrumentation and network technology and allows the Army to derive deep insights into training proficiency, training readiness and human/machine performance.

For more information, visit Cubic’s event page or follow Cubic Global Defense at @CubicDefense and Cubic Mission Solutions @Cubic_MS on Twitter. Join the social conversation with #AUSA2019.

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