Cujo AI Taps Aviatrix for Cloud-Native Networking Software | Light Reading

Cujo AI Taps Aviatrix for Cloud-Native Networking Software | Light Reading

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Aviatrix, the leading provider of cloud-native networking software for the multi-cloud enterprise, today announced that CUJO AI is deploying Aviatrix’s software across its worldwide cloud network.

CUJO AI is the global leader in the development and application of artificial intelligence to improve the security, control and privacy of connected devices in homes and businesses. The company provides network, mobile and public Wi-Fi operators with a full-stack set of cloud and edge software that captures, processes, curates and acts on device-level network data. Doing so ensures that more than half a billion devices around the world connected to these operator networks are effectively monitored and protected. Today, CUJO AI covers the largest inventory of devices in the world with the broadest ability to detect, categorize and protect.

Driven by the explosive growth in connected IoT devicesfrom cameras, thermostats, home entertainment, speakers to locks and lightsoperators are seizing the opportunity to address critical customer needs by providing value-added security and privacy protection. As a result of this business transformation, CUJO AI is experiencing unprecedented growth and has established itself as market leader in the Digital Life Protection services market.

The CUJO AI platform leverages an advanced set of machine-learning algorithms that can detect, recognize and classify connected devices, used applications and web content, security threats, and privacy risks from vast amounts of network data. The CUJO AI engine has access to the largest worldwide data set and is continuously being updated with billions of real-world data points across hundreds of millions of connected devices.

To ensure business agility, CUJO AI’s infrastructure is 100 percent in the cloud, capitalizing on Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. As such, the company needed cloud-native networking software that would embrace and extend the native constructs of public clouds to provide the simplicity and automation of the cloud with the visibility and control of the enterprise network. Aviatrix fulfilled all the requirements.

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