DataVisor Partner Program, ExtenD, Expands Fraud Detection to New Markets

DataVisor Partner Program, ExtenD, Expands Fraud Detection to New Markets

Taking Transformational AI Technology Globally to Improve Data Security
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–DataVisor, the leading fraud detection company with solutions powered by transformational AI technology, today launched ExtenD, its partner program, targeting mid-to-large size enterprises as it grows into new vertical sectors and expands into other geographies.

ExtenD will leverage the strengths of the DataVisor team which comprises world-class experts in big data infrastructure and machine learning. The organization builds the world’s most advanced fraud solutions to proactively detect and prevent the most sophisticated online attacks. These offerings are designed to work on any platform. Through this, the company is empowering partners in the program to enhance the value they bring to their customers in a digital-centric business landscape.

The program is structured across technology (for example AWS, Google, Microsoft, and Splunk), advisory (PwC, KPMG, and EY), systems integration (to include advisory and traditional service partners), co-sell (Experian and SAP), and value-added reseller focus areas.

“Cyber security is not something that is limited to any specific environment. As such, we are adopting a channel neutral model to ensure our fraud detection solutions reach as many potential customers as possible. We want to give our partners the most effective way to engage with existing and new clients using a secure and future-proof technology that is easy to integrate irrespective of the platforms they use,” said David Cassady, Vice President, Business Development, Partnerships, and Sales of DataVisor.

Currently, DataVisor supports two products uniquely designed to meet the needs of direct sales and the channel partner program. It will directly sell its DataVisor dVector managed services solution while its dCube and Feature Platform will be offered through direct and partner sales.

DataVisor ExtenD lets partners control their own sales cycle and deliver service and support by leveraging the DataVisor product and subject matter experts.

“Through this initiative, DataVisor is delivering its unsupervised machine learning (UML) engine and machine learning and feature engineering technology to new use cases and markets. It gives partners a powerful offering to strengthen anti-fraud solutions. And by working closely with the DataVisor team of specialists, partners gain access to not only the most advanced technology and products, but also world-class domain expertise without having to invest in training or appointing additional resources themselves,” concluded Cassady.

For more information on the DataVisor partner program or to join, click here.

About DataVisor

DataVisor is the leading fraud detection platform powered by transformational AI technology. Using proprietary unsupervised machine learning algorithms, DataVisor restores trust in digital commerce by enabling organizations to proactively detect and action fast-evolving fraud patterns, and prevent future attacks before they happen. Combining advanced analytics and an intelligence network of more than 4B global user accounts, DataVisor protects against financial and reputational damage across a variety of industries, including financial services, marketplaces, ecommerce, and social platforms.
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