Deluxe Corporation Announces New Relationship With Alight Solutions to Digitize Payroll Payments With eChecks Product

Deluxe Corporation Announces New Relationship With Alight Solutions to Digitize Payroll Payments With eChecks Product

Deluxe eChecks offers quick, paperless payroll solutions to Alight clients
SHOREVIEW, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deluxe Corporation, a Trusted, Tech-Enabled Solutions Company™, announced that Alight Solutions, a leader in benefits administration, payroll and cloud deployment solutions, has selected the Deluxe eChecks payments solution for payroll payment disbursement.

Using Deluxe eChecks, Alight will be able to deliver digital payroll checks and related earning statements instantly in a single transaction. For employees and employers who receive paper checks and earnings records through the mail, Deluxe eChecks digitizes the process by providing employees an email with a secure link to access, download and print eChecks paychecks and earnings statements allowing them faster access to their pay and records.

“Deluxe eChecks are continuing to push the boundaries and make our clients’ and customers’ lives easier by digitizing processes that were once dominated by paper,” said Chris Thomas, Chief Revenue Officer of Deluxe Corporation. “We are delighted to be able to work with a company like Alight Solutions to provide a product that helps their entire company.”

The Deluxe eChecks solution used by Alight and its clients will leverage both the eChecks SaaS portal for Alight’s clients on all payroll platforms, and an integration between the eChecks API and the clients’ payroll processing application. The speed of delivery as well as the secure method of eCheck retrieval is expected to provide clients significant savings in areas like off-cycle or same-day checks without requiring large infrastructure investments.

“Shifting workplace demographics and evolving technology are changing the way people want to get paid and a one-size-fits-all approach no longer works for companies,” said Colin Brennan, Executive Vice President HCM and Financial Management Solutions at Alight. “Alight is focused on providing workers with faster access to their pay and in the method they want to be paid. Deluxe eChecks is another way that Alight can help companies improve their payroll function and improve the pay experience for their workers.”

For Alight, this digital delivery of an eCheck represents the next evolution of payroll delivery providing safer, faster payments to employees while reducing disbursement costs to the company and its client employers.

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Deluxe is a Trusted, Tech-Enabled Solutions Company™, serving enterprises, small businesses and financial institutions, offering a range of solutions to help customers manage and grow their businesses. Approximately 4.8 million small business customers access Deluxe’s wide range of products and services, including incorporation services, logo design, website development and hosting, email marketing, social media, search engine optimization, payroll services along with customized checks and forms. For our approximately 4,600 financial institution customers, Deluxe offers industry-leading programs in data analytics, customer acquisition and treasury management solutions, including fraud prevention and profitability as well as checks. Deluxe is also a leading provider of checks and accessories sold directly to consumers. For more information, visit us at, or
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