Dish Casting Wide Net in Upcoming 5G Transport RFP | Light Reading

Dish Casting Wide Net in Upcoming 5G Transport RFP | Light Reading

A new Dish request for information and proposals (RFI/RFP) — this time addressing 5G transport technologies — is on the way.

This is the fifth document that Dish has issued related to its 5G network build-out.

Dish says it is requesting companies to facilitate lit and dark fiber connectivity to cell towers, buildings and data centers in their request.

“We’re building a 5G network from the ground up, with the opportunity to apply fresh ideas and new partners. We’re seeking input from local and regional telecom transport partners, as well as the national providers that have supported our existing video business for a decade,” said EVP of Wireless Operations Jeff McSchooler in a statement. He added that Dish is looking to learn from utilities and municipalities, as it builds out 5G.

Dish EVP Tom Cullen told Light Reading in July 2019 that Dish would be looking far and wide for potential vendors.

“We’ll be casting a pretty wide net because in a 5G world with open interfaces, you have a much broader vendor community to speak to, just like you’re seeing with Rakuten and Jio. That doesn’t mean the traditional vendors won’t be part of it, but we intend to talk to a lot of people because it includes things like mobile edge computing and cloud infrastructure and transport vendors,” the EVP said.

Ovum analyst Don Frey, though, is expecting the transport choices to take a traditional path. “I think the choices would include Crown Castle and Zayo, then various regional players. For Lit services, I think the cable operators Verizon, Centurylink, AT&T, and other various LECs,” the analyst tells Light Reading via email Thursday.

The company has not announced any 5G vendors yet.

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— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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