DriveNets debuts DNOR 2.0 | Light Reading

DriveNets debuts DNOR 2.0 | Light Reading

RAANANA, Israel DriveNets, the networking software company, today announced the launch of DriveNets Network Orchestrator (DNOR 2.0), a crucial component in the transformation of traditional networks to cloud-native networks. DNOR 2.0 is part of DriveNets Network Cloud solution which brings cloud operations to Service Provider networks with built-in automation, visibility, and deep insights not possible before from the hardware-component to the software containers. The orchestration platform is already managing Network Cloud deployments at Service Providers around the world.

DriveNets’ Network Cloud is already changing the high-scale networking market and breaking the traditional, single-vendor monolithic chassis model. It allows software-based networks and services from multiple vendors to run over a shared infrastructure of white boxes from a choice of manufacturers. This leads to lower network costs and improves the utilization of the physical infrastructure in much the same way VMware did in Data Centers’ Storage and Compute.

DNOR 2.0 plays a vital part in enabling this transformation by simplifying the work of the network operations teams who are the hidden heroes behind this critical transition. The key benefits of DNOR 2.0 include:

Simplified operations by orchestrating the open disaggregated network like hyperscalers orchestrate the cloud. DNOR eliminates the complexity of having multiple vendors, by orchestrating, managing, and troubleshooting the entire Network Cloud solution – from the hardware component level to the software container of the hosted network services and apps.

One View to rule them all – deeper visibility which helps increase reliability over traditional networks. DNOR 2.0 provides deep and broad visibility across all levels — from the hardware component, through firmware, Base OS, NOS and service containers, across white boxes, clusters of white boxes and entire networks. It automates root-cause analysis, alarm correlation and proactive monitoring, all of which simplifies troubleshooting and increases network reliability and availability.

Shorter maintenance windows. Due to the cloud-native nature of DriveNets Network Cloud, DNOR 2.0 manages the deployment and upgrades of base OS, firmware and containerized software. It dramatically reduces the operational maintenance windows as well as accelerates and scales the deployment of hosted multi-services both networking and third parties, utilizing the shared virtualized network infrastructure to its fullest.

Fast integration with other orchestration and lifecycle management platforms. DNOR is an open orchestration platform offering standard northbound APIs for control, automation and easy integration with third party cloud and network orchestration systems like OSS/BSS, multi domain orchestrators, inventory management, end to end service provisioning and analytics systems.

“The growing complexity of IP networks creates a challenge most users never think about, which is the complexity of the control plane. Separating the control plane lets DriveNets Network Cloud scale and redeploy control-plane processes to keep up with that complexity, using cloud and container technology. The heart of that technology is the DriveNets Network Orchestrator, and Release 2.0 of DNOR combines cloud orchestration principles with microservice-optimized performance,” said Tom Nolle, President of CIMI Corp. “The result is the only orchestrator in the industry thats designed for demanding network control plane, automation, and service assurance missions. It’s a quantum leap forward in realizing the benefits of disaggregated routers.”

DNOR 2.0 supports the automation and simplicity expected by Service Providers and Hyperscalers as highlighted by a recent survey carried out by research firm, Futuriom, which found that:

  • 63% expected white-box solutions to enable better network automation than existing solutions from (vertically integrated) equipment vendors.
  • 57% expected white-box solutions to offer automated analytics.
  • 55% expected an automated capability to scale-up and scale-down in response to changing workloads.

DNOR 2.0 transforms the network from a collection of physical routers to a fully orchestrated cloud-native network which enables any service, anytime, anywhere at any scale.


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