Ekinops announces Compose, a new suite of software products, and launches SD-WAN Xpress | Light Reading

Ekinops announces Compose, a new suite of software products, and launches SD-WAN Xpress | Light Reading

PARIS Ekinops, a leading supplier of optical transport and router solutions, today announces the launch of a new software brand, Compose, which brings the company’s network access and optical transport software products together.

Compose enables operators to expand their service portfolio with software defined network solutions compatible with both Ekinops and third-party platforms. Compose includes virtualization functions, SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) and provides guaranteed compatibility with an Ekinops-certified ecosystem of over 30 of the most widely used VNFs (Virtual Network Functions) on the market today. The new brand also includes the software elements of Ekinops’ existing Ekinops360 and OneAccess portfolios, the optical transport and network access platforms respectively.

The Compose launch reflects Ekinops’ momentum in its software business following a near-doubling of its sales in 2019.

“This is an important strategic move for Ekinops,” comments Didier Brdy, CEO at Ekinops. “To support enterprise digital transformation, networks are becoming increasingly software defined. Compose is our answer. Our software offering helps service providers supplement their connectivity portfolio with new value-added services such as SD-WAN, security and quality of service. All, of course, tightly integrated with our connectivity products.”

“Our Compose line stands on three pillars which, in a way, define Ekinops: simplicity, openness and affordability. Our approach enables our customers to stay in control of their migration to the software-defined world, while insuring continued support for their vital legacy products and services.”

At the heart of Compose lies OneOS6, the modular software solution enabling a full range of built-in software services that can be activated remotely and on-demand. Fully open, supporting network automation and programmability, OneOS6 transforms any of Ekinops’ own and third-party hardware into a multi-service platform.

Utilizing OneOS6, Ekinops has launched the first SD-WAN solution directly extended from a market-proven routing function. SD-WAN Xpress is a truly multi-tier, multi-tenant, one-box solution, now available for any OneOS6-enabled hardware platform. Xpress provides a new, simplified mode of SD-WAN deployment together with a radically competitive pricing model compared to known solutions today.

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