Energid Launches Actin 5.5, the Industry’s Most Advanced Real-Time Adaptive Robotic Motion Control & Path Planning Toolkit

Energid Launches Actin 5.5, the Industry’s Most Advanced Real-Time Adaptive Robotic Motion Control & Path Planning Toolkit

New software release adds Actin Viewer enhancements, Motion Script updates and G-code support to improve ease-of-use and speed time to market for advanced robotics solutions
BEDFORD, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#3D–Energid today released version 5.5 of the Actin® software development kit (SDK), an even more powerful and easier-to-use version of the industry’s only real-time adaptive robotic motion control and path planning toolkit. Actin version 5.5 adds Actin Viewer enhancements, Motion Script updates and G-code support, making it even easier for robotic systems developers to focus on the robot’s tasks rather than joint movement and paths. These features help further decrease the developer’s time to proof-of-concept (POC) and time to market, while also remaining a less expensive and time-tested option to in-house development and open source solutions.

“Actin can save months or years of development time and money over in-house programming and open source tools, and now we’ve added new features that make Actin even easier to use,” said Doug Barker, chief operating officer, Energid. “Actin 5.5 expands the SDK’s core motion control and path planning libraries and adds efficiency improvements to core motion planning algorithms. This release will make it possible for customers to more easily address robotics process applications like dispensing and deburring using toolpaths generated from G-code. We’ve also made it easier for developers to create robot tasks through our Motion Script interface.”

About the Actin SDK
Traditionally, developers of robotic systems would have to program many intermediate waypoints to avoid collisions with the environment and would have to hand tune paths to avoid collisions, singularities and joint limits for process-related tasks. Actin automatically finds optimal paths in real time, responding to sensory input and then directing robots on the most efficient path while avoiding collisions. The robot motion is updated dynamically without requiring reprogramming, even in dynamic, mission-critical environments.

More on Actin Viewer Enhancements, Motion Script and G-code
Actin 5.5 adds to the software’s powerful capabilities with:

Edit Motion Scripts in Actin Viewer: Actin 5.5 provides a simple IDE to create Motion Scripts. Developers can also use the motion script GUI plugin to more easily create motion scripts to task an Actin model. The interface now has file save, save as, and open options, as well as syntax highlighting, improved icons and layout, a toolbar quick-access button, as well as context menu options to insert motion scripts from the current state of the model.

Updates to Motion Script: Developers can now write custom functions in Motion Script, with a list of Motion Script variables able to be passed to the function by value or reference. This brought about a new capability: developers can now create a Motion Script composed of multiple files and build more modular programs to create a Motion Script composed of multiple files. This lets developers compose more complex scripts, reuse scripts in more advanced applications, and quickly iterate when setting up new applications with Actin.

G-code support: Actin 5.5 supports toolpaths defined in G-code, an industry standard widely adopted by manufacturers that are familiar with CNC machining. A toolpath defines the tool orientation, trajectory, speed (or feed rate), and travel direction. The toolpath files can be generated in third-party CAD/CAM software packages based on part models. Actin will convert imported toolpath files into robot motion automatically.

Actin 5.5 also improves documentation with updated training examples more focused on modelling, motion control and tasking while adding an Actin reference design for Universal Robots e-Series robots.

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About Energid Technologies
Founded in 2001, Energid brings its NASA engineering roots to provide highly sophisticated motion control for industrial, medical, commercial, collaborative, and consumer robotic systems. Energid provides the industry’s premier commercial software development kit (SDK) and tasking framework that supports real-time, adaptive motion control. For developers of robotic systems in dynamic environments, on moving platforms, using multiple arms or manipulators, or with unpredictable or varying workpieces or orientations, Energid offers differentiation and dramatically faster time to market.

In 2018, Energid was acquired by Teradyne. Teradyne brings high-quality innovations such as smart devices, life-saving medical equipment and data storage systems to market, faster. Its advanced test solutions for semiconductors, electronic systems, wireless devices and more ensure that products perform as they were designed. Its Industrial Automation offerings include collaborative and mobile robots that help manufacturers of all sizes improve productivity and lower costs. Energid continues operations under the same management and Energid’s headquarters, R&D, and engineering facilities remain in Bedford, USA. For more information, please visit www.energid.com.

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