Equinix announces new 5G and edge testing facility in its Dallas data center campus

Equinix announces new 5G and edge testing facility in its Dallas data center campus

In order to support 5G and edge testing efforts, Equinix is also launching its 5G and Edge Proof of Concept Center (POCC) in Dallas. Equinix is also expanding its Dallas Infomart Data Center campus by building a new $142 million data center. 

The Equinix 5G and edge POCC will provide a 5G facility that was designed to help mobile network Operators (MNOs), cloud platforms, technology vendors and enterprises directly connect with Equinix’s edge data center platform in order to test, demonstrate and accelerate complex 5G and edge deployments and interoperability scenarios.
The POCC aims to develop 5G and edge architectures that leverage the ecosystems already in place at Equinix. Participants can also explore hybrid multi-cloud interconnectivity scenarios between MNOs, public clouds and private infrastructures, and develop multi-party business models, partnering strategies and go-to-market plans for the nascent 5G and edge market.

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With the huge growth of data at the edge and developments in AI/ML, the next industrial revolution will be powered by edge computing. Service providers are uniquely placed to combine value-add apps, with connectivity and their central offices close to every enterprise, to deliver edge computing solutions. The key to making this successful is to ensure apps are easy to deploy and manage across distributed sites.

The four story DA11 International Business Exchange (IBX) is Equinix’s ninth data center in Dallas. Once its done, the facility is expected to provide more than 3,850 cabinets and colocation space of over 144,000 square feet.
“We are seeing significant customer demand in Dallas as enterprises look to increase their business offerings through implementing IT infrastructures that are able to keep pace with the continually evolving digital landscape,” said Jon Lin, president of Americas for Equinix, in a statement. “We are thrilled to bring our ninth facility to the Dallas campus online in this increasingly important and growing market.”
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Dallas is a major interconnection point for Latin America traffic with key terrestrial routes serving Central and South America. In October, Equinix expanded its footprint in Mexico with its purchase of three data centers for $175 million from Axtel.
Earlier this month, Digital Realty, which is Equinix’s main competitor, announced it would build two new data centers in Mexico for a large global cloud provider by working with Ascenty.


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