Etiya rolls out Telco-as-a-Service offering | Light Reading

Etiya rolls out Telco-as-a-Service offering | Light Reading

AMSTERDAM – Etiya, a leading Independent Software Vendor, announced today its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to roll out Telco as a Service (TaaS) solution.

Etiyas artificial intelligence (AI)-driven full business support system (BSS) & operational support systems (OSS) stack including CRM, Omni Channel Digital Front End, Customer Service Management, Product Catalog, CPQ, Billing and Charging Management & Core Network Management is available on AWS and ready to serve as Telco as a Service.

“Telco as a Service” will allow operators to transform BSS into full digital BSS and also enables operators to set up greenfield digital brands that are radically different from their existing brands, in a very short time manner.

However, they require an entirely separate BSS suite and some of the functions categorized as OSS that are flexible enough to enable the new sub-brand to be innovative and different.

Etiyas Telco as a Service customer solutions will have an even better functionality when running on AWS than if used as on-premises solutions, and will be applied in no less than three areas of collaboration, including:

A complete architecture validation for Customer Solutions on AWS

A viable TaaS product demo with full functionality on AWS

A positioning of Cloud Native Telco as a Service Stack for AWS Telco Workloads

Having played an integral role in helping operators to transform their traditional BSS, Etiya is in a great position to work in collaboration with AWS in finding new opportunities for Telco as a Service solutions, said Aslan Dogan, CEO of Etiya.


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