Eurobites: EU probes China’s fiber ‘dumping’ | Light Reading

Eurobites: EU probes China’s fiber ‘dumping’ | Light Reading

Also in today’s EMEA regional roundup: all aboard the 5G bus; Orange wants more phone recycling; Italy frets over network safety.

  • As if China wasn’t already getting enough grief from the US, it’s now the turn of Europe to apply the tech trade-war thumbscrews. The European Commission has launched an investigation into imports of fiber-optic cable from China after EU manufacturers accused China of “dumping” its fiber products on Europe at artificially low prices. As Reuters reports, Europacable, which brought the complaint on behalf of the European cable producers, said around 15-20% of all fiber-optic cable sold in Europe last year came from China. But don’t expect any snap judgements: Such anti-dumping investigations normally take up to 15 months, says the report.
  • You wait ages for a 5G-powered bus then half a dozen come along at once. At least that’s what it feels like, with a number of operators announcing 5G-referencing remote-controlled transport trials in recent months. Now it’s the turn of Ericsson, Telia, Intel and others, who have combined to create the “5G Ride” minibus on Stockholm’s tourist-friendly island of Djurgrden. As long as they observe strict COVID-19-related regulations, members of the public are allowed to ride in the minibus, which is powered by Ericsson Radio System software and told where to go from a nearby control tower.
    Sweden's Prince Daniel deploys the Royal Scissors to declare Stockholm's '5G Ride' ready to roll. 
(Source: Telia)

    Sweden’s Prince Daniel deploys the Royal Scissors to declare Stockholm’s “5G Ride” ready to roll.
    (Source: Telia)

  • Orange is launching a major push to get its customers recycle their old phones, rather than leaving them to gather dust in the drawers of their bedside table. Launching in France on Sunday (September 27), the campaign will then be rolled out in Belgium, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain, in a bid to persuade customers to take their unwanted devices back to their local Orange store, where the recycling process can begin. Orange says that in ten years it has already collected more than 15 milllion unused mobile phones around the world.
  • Relevant ministers of the coalition Italian government met up yesterday (Thursday) to chew over the best ways of keeping its communications networks safe, Reuters reports. According to one source cited, the familiar Huawei Question was on the agenda.
  • BBC Sounds, the popular radio catch-up and podcast app, is launching on Freeview Play devices, allowing those with the appropriate TV/set-top to enjoy their audio content through their telly’s sound system, should they so desire. Freeview Play’s backers claim it is the UK’s fastest-growing TV platform, with over 11 million devices sold.

    Paul Rainford, Assistant Editor, Europe, Light Reading

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