Finjan Mobile Launches its Enhanced Consumer VPN, InvinciBull

Finjan Mobile Launches its Enhanced Consumer VPN, InvinciBull

EIN News/ — EAST PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Finjan Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: FNJN), a cybersecurity company, today announced that its subsidiary, Finjan Mobile, Inc., released its enhanced consumer VPN, InvinciBull. InvinciBull, a set-it-once VPN (Virtual Private Network) is uniquely designed to stream content and data securely and anonymously wherever you are on the planet.

“Finjan Mobile has been hard at work both in rebranding and enhancing its mobile VPN for the consumer,” said Michael Noonan, CFO for Finjan Mobile. “InvinciBull VPN represents three years of internal R&D, uses Finjan’s enterprise-grade technology and takes the user experience of the consumer to heart with its enhanced features including social login capability, more locations to connect and stream content from, and an always on feature to ensure privacy and anonymity while consumers are in areas with public wi-fi including coffee shops and airports. We are proud of our end product and look forward to building upon our already strong user-base.”

A recent travel survey of 500 international U.S. Business Travelers found that nearly 40% experienced blocked content while traveling abroad and 60% couldn’t access content outside of the country they were in. These content streaming issues while traveling and even while at home is why InvinciBull is uniquely focused on allowing a user to access content wherever they are in the world.

Innovative new features include “auto protect” that automatically runs the VPN when on public wi-fi. This feature, designed to ensure that the user’s data is always protected, gives the user a sense of confidence and security when on public wi-fi. In addition, InvinciBull allows users to build a list of trusted networks within the app so that the VPN will not connect automatically to known protected networks, such as those at a user’s home or office.

The InvinciBull App is available for download on and is available on the iOS and Android platforms in the iTunes and Google Play stores. The Basic VPN Plan is free which allows users to connect to the nearest location and use of up to 1GB of VPN data per month.

InvinciBull launched this month from cybersecurity pioneer, Finjan. Helmed by Vince the Bull, the new VPN takes security by the horns and lets users easily access the data and content they’re looking for without the risk of hacking and tracking. Vince makes sure the InvinciBull VPN app is optimized for users to access all kinds of content when they want, wherever they are on the planet, with ease. InvinciBull VPN has a proprietary always-on setting that gives you the confidence to know that you’re always protected, safe and anonymous. Unlike other VPNs, InvinciBull never collects user data. Ever. InvinciBull is a subsidiary of Finjan Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:FNJN).

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