Flexential bolsters FlexAnywhere connectivity with Charlotte’s first peering exchange

Flexential bolsters FlexAnywhere connectivity with Charlotte’s first peering exchange

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (August 29, 2018) – Flexential, a leading provider of hybrid IT data center solutions, today announced the opening of Charlotte-IX, the first peering exchange in Charlotte, N.C. Through this exchange, housed in Flexential’s 62,000 square foot North Charlotte data center, companies can bypass internet traffic to securely connect to Flexential’s FlexAnywhere network fabric. FlexAnywhere provides access to 41 data centers, more than 80 domestic and international carriers, 14 cloud nodes, multiple peering exchanges and more than 250 network, data center, managed service and cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

“Charlotte is a rapidly growing market for our customers locally and nationally,” said Chris Downie, CEO of Flexential. “They require peering services that reduce traffic costs and limit organizational risk. Our FlexAnywhere fabric and 100 gigabit network backbone, coupled with key network provider partnerships, enable us to offer this added benefit to customers.”

The new peering exchange provides customers in Flexential’s North Charlotte data center with open peering fabric services and cross-connects, allowing them to directly connect with one another and share network traffic with organizations across the FlexAnywhere platform. Flexential plans to add additional nodes in North Carolina data centers, and additional peering exchanges across the country, in the near future.

The Charlotte-IX exchange was developed in partnership with Ninja-IX, a not-for-profit peering exchange provider that operates exchanges in cities across the U.S. Flexential delivers peering fabric for the initiative, while Ninja-IX provides the switching infrastructure. Together, the technologies create a package enabling cost-effective internet transit paths within the geographic area.

“Flexential’s support for this project allowed Ninja-IX to dramatically expand our Charlotte exchange to better support peering in an underserved market,” said Paul Emmons, founder and executive director at Ninja-IX. “With demand in peering services growing quickly, working with Flexential allows us to help Charlotte-area businesses offer a higher quality connectivity experience for their users.”

About Flexential

Flexential helps organizations optimize their journey of IT transformation while simultaneously balancing cost, scalability, compliance and security. The company is committed to building trusted relationships and delivering tailored solutions that suit the individual needs of its customers. Utilizing its people, values and reliable performance, Flexential is deeply invested in the success of its 4,200+ customers, who trust it to deliver core data center solutions of colocation and connectivity, as well as cloud, managed solutions and professional services. Flexential’s robust suite of assets span 21 domestic and international markets and comprises 41 highly redundant and connectivity-rich data centers. For more information on Flexential, please visit www.flexential.com.

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