Focusing on 5G Integration, Hengtong Appears in PT Expo China 2019 | Light Reading

Focusing on 5G Integration, Hengtong Appears in PT Expo China 2019 | Light Reading

Recently, PT Expo China 2019 was held in Beijing. Hengtong attended the exhibition with 5G intelligent applications, big data and security, energy Internet, industrial Internet, 5G carrier network, 5G high-speed transmission, 5G IoT and security, and 5G new technology and new products.

At the opening ceremony, the official launching ceremony of 5G commercialization was held, marking the new start of Chinas 5G commercialization. Hengtong shared the solutions in the field of intelligent application and IoT in all aspects.

At the same time, China Optical Communication Summit, 5G Intelligent Application Summit Forum and Hengtong New Products Conference were also held. Dr. Shi Huiping, chief engineer of Hengtong optic-electric, was invited to deliver a speech entitled “Digital enable industrial transformation and development” at China Optical Communication Summit. Dr. Shi Huiping said “industrial Internet is an important driving force of 5G and the integration of OT, CT and IT. The construction system of Hengtong intelligent factory improves the R & D cycle, manufacturing efficiency and quality management. With the arrival of 5G, digital enabling industrial transformation and development will be more efficient.”

At the New Product Conference, Hengtong released the White paper of Hengtong 5G Intelligent application, which respectively showed a series of solutions in intelligent scenic spots, intelligent communities, intelligent industry and other application scenarios,and new products and new technologies of 5G intelligent application solutions and 5G all optical network. It also showed 5G networking architecture all-optical network application solution, a quantum secure communication new product, intelligent energy solution, Cloud Security IoT solution, industrial Internet security solution, ocean three-dimensional wide area observation network system, and the first tourism solution in China to meet the development of all-round tourism, realizing all-round and scenic spots deep operation, and drive the development of regional economy of Intelligent scenic spot.

It is worth mentioning that, at this exhibition, Hengtong also won a number of awards, “2018-2019 China Communications Industry Social Responsibility Enterprise”, “2018-2019 China Communications Industry 5G Optical Communication Leading Enterprise” and “New Solution Award” released by the 2019 China Communications Industry List. In the 2019 ICT China Innovation Project selection initiated by China Communications Association, Hengtong won the “Best Industry Innovation Application Award” with “5G high speed and large capacity wireless communication system” and Hengtong booths “Best Popularity Award” awarded by the Committee of PT Expo China.

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