gA Digital Development Guides Clients on Their Innovation Journey

gA Digital Development Guides Clients on Their Innovation Journey

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#UX–gA, a global leader in the digital business consulting services for 27 years, continues strengthening its Digital Development engine adding benefits to customer projects. Leveraging their digital technologies, gA has created a proprietary digital development methodology called ¨Sherpath¨ with strong focus on user experience, streamlining processes and software development tailored to the needs of customers. This capability is a defining difference for gA, adding value to their expertise and service offerings to ensure customers maximum benefits in setting up the new products and integrating them into existing operations and legacy systems.

“Our objective is to anticipate and satisfy the needs of our customers by offering digital solutions using the latest technologies, methodologies and tools,” said Maximiliano Cortes, Chief Operating Officer at Parabolt. “We help companies adapt to new trends to continue creating value as their technological partner.”

gA Digital Development offers rapid prototyping of solutions, making them especially valuable for executives in the C-suite: Chief Technology Officers, Chief Transformation Officers, Chief Innovation Officers and Marketing/Communication leaders.

Digital Development works by combining fast prototyping and the Sherpath methodology applied to the design and development of tailored products and solutions, to speed the digital transformation journey for each client. “We use our proprietary Sherpath methodology plus a dedicated team of designers, engineers to review the strategies of our clients and the businesses to be developed,” said Alejandro Paniego, Global Leader of Digital Development at gA. “The next step is to prototype a product quickly at the business level and test it monitoring its costs and potential scalability” adds Paniego.

As a customer-centric technology firm, gA is focused on enhancing the user experience (UX). Consistent with the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and focus on innovation, gA’s goal is to empower large companies in the Americas and Europe to reshape their business models and their organizations through the integrated power of data, business processes and people. “When faced with a problem that arises, we seek the best strategy, the best technology for the feasibility of the product and business model.”

gA and Parabolt work with multidisciplinary teams organized into Digital Squads: from software engineers and creators to certified UX/UI specialists; facilitating the adoption process of new mobile and native cloud technologies as key factors of competitive advantage. “We transform commercial processes into digital experiences for the customer, optimizing daily interactions and generating new relationship models,” adds Cortes.

Within the Digital Development scope of service offerings, gA specializes in Web & Mobile Development, User Experience and UI Design, API Integration & Development, Cloud & Devops, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data/Data Science.

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