Global Telecom’s NetStick Ethernet Cradle Transforms the Mobile Hotspot into an Internet of Things Hub

Global Telecom’s NetStick Ethernet Cradle Transforms the Mobile Hotspot into an Internet of Things Hub

Perfect gift for work from home warriors and IoT enthusiasts in the family
IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#InternetOfThings–Global Telecom, the only U.S. manufacturer of modules for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, today launched the NetStick Ethernet Cradle – an accessory that turns the company’s popular NetStick mobile hotspot into a hub for hosting a private Internet of Things.

Launched in 2019, the NetStick USB modem has a simple plug and play design that offers versatility for a laptop at home, at the office, IoT gateways, or on the go. The NetStick features a multi-band LTE Cat 4 modem designed for easy deployment for consumers and small businesses across a variety of industries. It is compatible with networks in nearly every country around the globe. Global Telecom’s industry-leading antenna design and advanced 2×2 MIMO technology provide rapid, reliable access to 4G broadband, while also extending the coverage area and greatly improving spectrum efficiency.

Combining the power of the NetStick with the NetStick Ethernet Cradle allows consumers and small businesses to create their own Internet of Things with virtually no setup required. At approximately 100 grams in mass, the lightweight NetStick Ethernet Cradle comes with mounting brackets, suction cups and a magnet base for fast, secure installation on the wall or on the window.

“The Internet of Things has transcended its status as a buzzword due to the pandemic, with accelerated growth in mission-critical industries, making IoT into a real, practical and essential element for countless billion-dollar businesses. Global Telecom’s NetStick Ethernet Cradle now brings the same connectivity and expanded opportunity of the IoT to small businesses, as well as individuals, remote workers and hobbyists building their own IoT operations,” said Ahmad Malkawi, CEO of Global Telecom.

There are two versions of the cradle:

Wi-Fi: for converting the NetStick into an IoT hub that can connect up to 55 users or devices.

USB to Ethernet: for adding connectivity to any WAN/Ethernet/RJ45 supported IoT device on the market, by transforming USB output into Ethernet output.

Global Telecom’s driverless, host-less approach to mobile security reduces to nearly zero the probability that a hacker can exploit a random air conditioner, robotic vacuum cleaner, camera or medical monitor in the Internet of Things as a means of accessing critical systems. Additionally, select blockchain technology is implemented in every device to add layers of security to inherently susceptible access points in the Internet of Things, like modems and modules.

The NetStick and NetStick Ethernet Cradle are available for sale individually on the T-Mobile website and T-Mobile stores around the U.S., as well as on Global Telecom’s website.

About Global Telecom

Global Telecom engineers hardware, software and AI solutions that enable a reliable and secure Internet of Things. The company was named the Emerging IoT Company of the Year for the Consumer Market in the 2020 Compass Intelligence Tech Awards. The company holds two U.S. Patents – 9,961,168 and 10,582,018 – and submits all products to rigorous testing and validation under the certification standards of the Federal Communications Commission, PTCRB and the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

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