Google Cloud expands global footprint with four new regions

Google Cloud expands global footprint with four new regions

Google Cloud plans to open the doors on four new data center regions this year as part of its global expansion. The new regions are slated for Delhi, India, Doha, Qatar, Melbourne, and Toronto, all of which will bring Google Cloud’s total footprint to 26 regions.Last week Google Cloud opened its Salt Lake City data center, and has previously said it would open more regions in Jakarta, Seoul, Las Vegas and Warsaw over the next year.

The region in Doha marks Google’s first strategic collaboration agreement in the Middle East with the Qatar Free Zones Authority, according to Google’s Dave Stiver, senior product manager for geoexpansion, in a blog post.

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“The region will launch in Doha, Qatar, allowing new and existing customers, as well as partners, to run their workloads locally,” Stivers said. “We see substantial interest from many customers in the Middle East and Africa, including Bespin Global, one of Asia’s leading cloud managed service providers.”

Bespin Global is a cloud managed services provider based in Asia.

“We work with some of the largest Korean enterprises, helping to drive their digital transformation initiatives. One of the key requirements that we have is that we need to deliver the same quality of service to all of our customers around the globe,” said John Lee, CEO, Bespin Global, in a statement. “Google Cloud’s continuous investments in expanding their own infrastructure to areas like the Middle East make it possible for us to meet our customers where they are.” 

While Google Cloud already had data center regions in India, Australia and Canada prior to the addition of the four new regions, Stiver said Google Cloud will be able to offer two geographically separate regions for in-country disaster recovery.

“Last year we launched Osaka which, when paired with our Tokyo region, provides customers with an in-country disaster recovery solution,” Stiver said. “Customers in Canada, India, and Australia will be able to leverage the Toronto, Delhi, and Melbourne cloud regions in the same manner.”

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New cloud data center regions represented a large chunk of the  $6.6 billion capex spend in Alphabet’s fourth quarter earnings report last month. Also in February, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Google would invest more than $10 billion in offices and data centers across the United States in 2020. 

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