Inspur InCloud OS Rated “Leader” in Private Cloud Solutions

Inspur InCloud OS Rated “Leader” in Private Cloud Solutions

GlobalData assesses private cloud solutions based on their software environment, hardware environment, management environment, services and support environment, and public cloud compatibility. Demonstrating remarkable overall performance in these 5 core competence areas, InCloud OS has received the highest “Leader” rating.
SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Cloud–Recently, GlobalData, a world leading data and analytics company, rated Inspur InCloud OS as a “Leader” in the market for private cloud solutions.

GlobalData’s assessment of private cloud solutions focuses on five areas: their software environment, hardware environment, management environment, services and support environment, and their public cloud compatibility. The rating is based on the overall performance across each of these categories, with “Leader” being the highest. Inspur InCloud OS secured a leading rating for its software environment, hardware environment, and management environment, influencing its overall “Leader” ranking. In 2019 Inspur InCloud OS secured a “Very Strong” ranking. The upgrade in just over a year reflects Inspur’s unremitting technical improvements and innovation in the field of private cloud.

Full-stack product capabilities across emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and edge computing are a key reason behind the high rating. InCloud OS is capable of pooling the most extensive heterogeneous computing, networking and storage resources, and allows for scheduling and management of various common chips like X86, ARM, MIPS, and Power, as well as co-processors such as GPUs and FPGAs. With the ability to build VM, bare-metal, and container environments, and powered by software-defined technologies, InCloud OS makes it easy to switch between cloud environments across platforms (AI, big data, edge), thus satisfying the demand for IT resources in all scenarios.

Powerful multi-cloud and hybrid cloud management capabilities are also a key driver for its success. Thanks to InCloud Manager, InCloud OS is able to provide a comprehensive and powerful set of features for digital infrastructure management, including full-stack service management, refined operation management, enhanced hybrid cloud management, collaborative cloud-side management, automated management, multi-cloud (OpenStack, K8S, and edge cloud) management, and cross-cloud migration. This enables customers to easily navigate their way through an increasingly complex cloud environment. Furthermore, InCloud OS offers a rich portfolio of AI full-stack services for resource scheduling and management, ranging from AI resource pooling, AI training environment building, to AI inference deployment and AIOps automated management.

As noted by GlobalData: “InCloud OS is a turnkey private cloud solution that delivers a full collection of essential software stacks, which gives it distinct advantages over its competitors. In the future, the system will benefit from Inspur’s continuous investment in edge computing infrastructure that will optimize its core private cloud deployment.” As part of its efforts in edge computing, Inspur recently launched NE5260, a brand-new edge computing server engineered for compute-intensive AI applications such as autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and smart homes.

InCloud OS has been widely adopted by customers. With the support of Inspur, more than 8,500 customers in various industries including government, energy, telecommunications, environmental protection and education have embraced cloud transformation. Inspur OpenStack has successfully deployed large-scale industry clouds with a single-cluster size of 1,000+ nodes and a total size of nearly 1,500 nodes for a radio and television customer. In the financial sector, Inspur has deployed large-scale OpenStack-based financial clouds in production, enabling the deep integration of Internet financial services with OpenStack. Inspur has also created a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) environment based on OpenStack for a large enterprise, making it possible to integrate development, O&M, GPU accelerated processing, and massively parallel computing.

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