Inspur’s Storage System AS5500G5 Resets Best Performance Record for SPC-1 Benchmark™ 8-Controller Storage

Inspur’s Storage System AS5500G5 Resets Best Performance Record for SPC-1 Benchmark™ 8-Controller Storage


After Inspur’s AS5600G2 16-controller storage platform ranked second in SPC-1 Top-10 list, its 8-controller storage AS5500G5 made the list again and reset the best performance record of 8-controller storage.

AS5500G5 performance is 3,300,292 IOPS, about 22% and 106% higher than the second and third place respectively; its price per KIOPS is $295.73, 63% and 50% lower than the second and third place respectively.

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#SPC–In the latest SPC-1 Benchmark™ result issued by the Storage Performance Council (SPC), Inspur’s storage platform AS5500G5 made the SPC-1 Top-10 list with 3,300,292 IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) and a 0.387ms response time, resetting the best performance of 8-controller storage. It is the second time Inspur’s 8-controller storage system made the list after AS5600G2 16-controller storage system ranked top two in the SPC-1 Top-10 list.

SPC is one of the most well-known professional measurement organizations in the storage industry. SPC-1 Benchmark™ is the most actively tested program, aiming to assess the performance of storage systems that handle complex requests and large volumes of data, and rigorously measures various data features such as IO throughput, read-write response time sensitivity, dynamic workload changes, storage capacity utilization, user diversification, and data persistence.

According to the SPC-1 result, 10 products from 5 global mainstream storage providers, such as Inspur, Fujitsu and TTA, were included in the TOP 10 list. Of that list, Inspur’s AS5600G2 ranked the second in the overall list and first in the 16-controller field with more than 7,520,000 IOPS, and AS5500G5 ranked eighth in the overall list and first in the 8-controller field with more than 3,300,000 IOPS.

“8-controller and 16-controller storage are the mainstream products in the industry, mainly covering the $15K-100K market, accounting for about 60% of the total storage market share. The performance advantages of Inspur’s storage solutions in these two areas will enhance its product competitiveness in the mainstream market,” said Li Hui, General Manager of Inspur Storage Product Line.

Inspur’s storage solutions have dual leading advantages in performance and cost ratio of 8-controller storage. With the same controller configuration and IT cost, it can support more data access concurrently and improve business experience. The SPC-1 evaluation shows that the top three IOPS of the 8-controller storage performance were 3.3m, 2.7m and 1.6m, respectively, while that of Inspur’s was 22% and 106% higher than that of the second and third place systems. Meanwhile, the price per KIOPS of Inspur’s 8-controller storage is $295.73, while the prices of the second and third are $481.08 and $445 respectively, 63% and 50% higher than Inspur’s 8-controller storage.

Visible evaluation results reflect invisible technological innovation. In this review, the software and hardware technology of Inspur’s AS5500G5 had been greatly improved compared with the previous generation of AS5500G2, which doubled the performance of SPC-1 and halved the delay, thus besting the global 8-controller performance. At the hardware level, AS5500G5 uses a new generation of hardware to achieve an all-round upgrade to CPU, chip, specifications and scalability. In this evaluation, AS5500G5 is configured with four dual-control nodes in the front end, each of which carries Intel’s new generation Xeon CPU with a 128GB cache, and all flash in the back end for deploying 1.92TBTLC SSD. At the software level, Inspur’s AS5500G5 is optimized based on iTurbo intelligent engine technology and all flash I/O stack, enabling storage systems to automatically match different data processing strategies according to front-end applications, to perform intelligent IO sensing, path selection, organization and scheduling so that millions of IO instructions and data blocks could be transmitted in the storage system at high speed.

Faced with the cloud computing, big data, AI and other new technologies and applications, the large-scale application of high-performance storage array will be an inevitable trend in the next decade. Inspur is committed to continuously leading in performance to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises.

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