Introducing Calytera: CSDC Rebrands to Better Represent Company and Advanced Technology It Creates for Governments

Introducing Calytera: CSDC Rebrands to Better Represent Company and Advanced Technology It Creates for Governments

Origin of New Name is Greek for “Better”

Rebranding Underscores Company Commitment to Build Leading Technology for Governments So They Can Better Serve Citizens and Build Smart Communities
AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Calytera–Government technology leader CSDC is now Calytera. The company’s new brand, announced today, better represents the advanced technology it provides governments to help them efficiently and effectively manage citizen services and build smart communities.

“Kalytera” in Greek means “better.” Ancient Greece was the cradle of our modern democracies and city and community organization. Calytera enables customers to provide better government services to citizens and communities and helps move governments into the future. The company spells its new name with a “C” to illustrate the importance of communities, citizens, connections and collaboration.

“Citizens expect interactions with government to be just as easy and seamless as those they have with retail, service, finance, and social organizations, and governments need to be as efficient as possible in managing citizen services. To better help governments meet those high expectations, we have improved every part of our company and products. Our new brand much better represents the company we now are. We’re thrilled to introduce Calytera today,” said Erin Mulligan Nelson, Calytera CEO.

Highlights of recent Calytera developments leading to the rebranding include:

An expansion of the company’s partner network to ensure that more governments can take advantage of Calytera’s leading software.

Adoption of agile working methodologies to increase the velocity of new releases with improved quality. In the past year, Calytera has provided customers 28 releases containing more than 150 enhancements to the Amanda platform.

An introduction of an industry-leading Amanda Freedom of Information Solution to help governments, which receive an ever-increasing number of FOI requests, to efficiently respond to them while staying in compliance and protecting the security and privacy of sensitive information.

“There’s a popular phrase ‘it’s good enough for government work,’ implying that government processes, employees or stakeholders deserve ‘good enough’ – good enough software, good enough outcomes, good enough partnerships. We think this notion couldn’t be further from the truth. What we’ve found in our decades of working with governments is that our customers are some of the hardest-working and most committed there are, providing critical needs to tax-paying citizens so that their jurisdictions can function and flourish. They don’t deserve good; they deserve better than good. They deserve great,” continued Nelson.

Calytera’s core product offering, Amanda, is a secure enterprise platform that helps governments manage core operations, attract and manage growth and provide efficient online services to citizens. Amanda digitizes and automates critical business functions and includes a modern user interface and mobile apps that provide a simple and intuitive experience for government employees. Amanda supports more than fifty critical regulatory functions across departments including land and building management, public health, permitting, inspections, compliance, licensing, and freedom of information services. Calytera is a Government Technology GovTech100 company and in 2018 was named to CIO Review’s Top 20 Most Promising Public Sector Solution Providers.

About Calytera
Calytera helps governments build safe and prosperous communities. The company is a recognized leader with 30 years of experience committed to a mission to build the world’s best government technology software. Calytera works with hundreds of government agencies to help them digitize and automate critical functions, optimize their mobile workforce and deliver modern services to citizens. The company’s powerful, flexible, and scalable enterprise platform Amanda helps governments manage more than 50 types of regulatory functions. Governments can also turn to Amanda to more efficiently manage and respond to Freedom of Information requests while protecting privacy and the security of sensitive data. Calytera also makes software that helps higher education institutions, courts and justice operations, and organizations that distribute and manage grants. Learn more at and follow Calytera on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
For Calytera: Bryant Hilton, 512-426-5608, [email protected]

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