JMA Shows Off Private Wireless Network on CBRS Using AWS | Light Reading

JMA Shows Off Private Wireless Network on CBRS Using AWS | Light Reading

LAS VEGAS — JMA, a U.S based innovator of 4G and 5G software-centric technology, partnered with Amazon Web Services to showcase its fully virtualized CBRS software RAN and how it can uniquely power enterprise use cases at re:Invent 2019.

Enabled with U.S. technology, the JMA solution is powered by its XRAN software CBRS baseband, CellHub CBRS Radios, and CBRS antennas. The XRAN anchored solution demonstrated how mobilizing IT solutions using OnGo spectrum opens entirely new opportunities for enterprises, including specialty communications for operations and security, surveillance cameras, hands-free intercom solutions, and the latest mobile devices supporting OnGo spectrum. JMA highlighted the power of shared CBRS RAN capability, connecting a common CBRS OnGo wireless network to multiple core network services. XRAN for OnGo empowers new mobilized IT solutions for connecting a wide range of IT devices and mobile phones over the new OnGo spectrum.

“We’re excited to showcase the power of software-based OnGo technology with AWS as the only cloud native CBRS technology for enterprises,” said Todd Landry, JMA Corporate Vice President.

JMA’s platform allows customers to harness the full 150MHz available to OnGo private networks as well as the ability to select and manage different CBRS channels dynamically, on a use case basis, enabling new ways to fully monetize private wireless networks. JMA has uniquely architected its solutions to easily adapt to a variety of enterprise use cases, from smart factories, to campus environments, to retail, multi-tenant buildings, as well as sports and entertainment venues. XRAN can be flexibly deployed at any data center or edge location as a standard compute workload, enabling private wireless in a cloud native delivery model.


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