Juniper raises it security profile with a host of new features and services

Juniper raises it security profile with a host of new features and services

Juniper Networks has ramped up its presence in the security sector with new capabilities in its Connected Security portfolio.

One of the new security features is Juniper’s Adaptive Threat Profiling (ATP), which Juniper said automatically creates security intelligence threat feeds based on who and what is currently attacking the network and who the attack is targeting.
Those threat feeds can be can be fed into customers’ security devices across Juniper’s networking infrastructure. Adaptive Threat Profiling uses Juniper Security Services to classify the traffic based on endpoint OS. It then builds custom threat intelligence feeds that can then be used for further inspection or blocking at multiple enforcement points.

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With millions of employees still working from home, Juniper Secure Connect provides remote access, supporting both IPSec and SSL-VPN, with a simple configuration process, using built-in automation and ensuring optimal performance and connectivity.
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Juniper Secure Connect, in tandem with Juniper SD-WAN and WAN Assurance driven by Mist AI, allows organizations to adapt to changes in the network perimeter and attack surface.
Juniper also announced that IoT vendor WootCloud’s HyperContext device security offering has been integrated into its SRX Series firewalls, ATP Cloud and Juniper Mist Cloud to deliver device profiling, threat detection and automated microsegmentation and access control to reduce risks. Juniper said it broadens attack visibility to include traffic flows and points in the network that were previously invisible to IT security staff.
“Many vendors talk about Zero Trust and providing secure access end-to-end to address the dynamic nature of threats, especially with a largely remote workforce accessing the corporate network from home and the increase in IoT devices,” said Juniper’s Samantha Madrid, vice president of security business and strategy, in a statement. ” But Juniper truly delivers on this vision. We’re extending security in ways that turn ‘dumb pipes’ into intelligent sensors and enforcement points that are able to dynamically optimize protections as attacks are happening.”


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