Kollective Announces 30-Day Free Trial and 6-Month $25K POC Offers for Video and Software Delivery

Kollective Announces 30-Day Free Trial and 6-Month $25K POC Offers for Video and Software Delivery

Trials inclusive of all Kollective products, helping scale enterprise communications and security updates to the edge.
BEND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leading Software-Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network (SD ECDN) provider, Kollective, has today announced the launch of a free 30-day self-service trial and a $25K 6-month Proof of Concept trial of the company’s advanced software distribution, live video, video on-demand and browser-based peering technologies.

This offer will allow enterprises to trial Kollective’s intelligent peering technology solution, allowing IT teams to dramatically improve the speed, reach and reliability of their networks without costly investments in hardware.

For a more extended trial, Kollective has also announced the launch of a 6-month Proof of Concept (PoC) for all of its advanced network features. Starting at $25,000, this limited-time offer will include Kollective’s software delivery technology, browser-based peering, Kollective IQ analytics, Enterprise Video Strategy support, live video and video on-demand solutions.

With these tools, enterprise teams can broadcast corporate messages to their entire organization, with 99% less network congestion and no impact on bandwidth. The addition of Kollective IQ analytics also provides real-time visibility and insights for a superior user experience across the network.

As part of this deal, Kollective is also offering Kollective for ConfigMgr — the company’s peer-to-peer software delivery platform — for no additional cost. This technology will be vital for businesses looking to manage ongoing ‘Windows as a Service’ updates following the end of support for Windows 7 that falls on the 14th of January, 2020.

Commenting on the announcement, Dan Vetras, CEO at Kollective said, “When it comes to new technologies, it can be hard for IT teams to prove the value of their investments until after a purchase has been made. Now, with Kollective’s self-service trial, businesses can see the network benefits of Kollective’s peering technology first-hand.

“Having seen these benefits, businesses can also take advantage of our new 6-month Proof of Concept offer. With barely ten weeks to go until the ‘death’ of Windows 7, this presents the perfect opportunity for enterprises to prepare their networks for Microsoft’s new, more aggressive update schedule. Through the inclusion of Kollective for ConfigMgr, our trial is the only offer of its kind in the market today, helping businesses prepare for the shift to Windows as a Service.”

To sign up for Kollective’s 30-day free trial, or to find out more about the 6-month Proof of Concept, visit — https://portal.kollective.app/pricing-packages.


About Kollective:

Kollective is the leading independent provider of enterprise content delivery networking (ECDN) infrastructure. Kollective’s cloud-based, software-only platform leverages existing network infrastructure to deliver content faster, more reliably, and with less bandwidth. With numerous pre-built integrations to applications such as Microsoft Teams, Kollective customers can easily and securely scale the best technologies to the edge of their global networks. Over 130 organizations, including many of the largest companies in the world, trust Kollective to securely scale live streaming video, video on-demand, and software updates to every device at the network edge.
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