Level 3 Adds 15 New Global Markets to Its Ethernet Services

Level 3 Adds 15 New Global Markets to Its Ethernet Services

Level 3 has expanded its Global Ethernet services to reach 15 additional European markets. This expansion results in an increase of markets served by the Metro 2.0 Global Ethernet services to 290. For the complete list of new markets covered, see map below.

The Level 3 Global Metro Ethernet platform services include E-lines, E-Access and cloud service provider connectivity.

An E-Line is a point to point (or point to multipoint) connection providing dedicated bandwidth for organizations that need physical separation of applications. E-lines, which can be private lines (EPL) or virtual private lines (EVPL) that replace legacy SONET/SDH E1/T1 lines with scalable bandwidth that can range from several Mbps to several Gbps.

Level 3 E-Access (Ethernet Access) offers services that provide carriers and data center providers with a single point of access to the level 3 network. This enables businesses to implement different types of networks, including multipoint to Multipoint wide area networks (WANs).

One key feature of Ethernet services is bandwidth flexibility. Clients only subscribe to the bandwidth they need and can easily increase it as soon as requirements change. Level 3 Ethernet services range in bandwidth from 2Mbps to 10Gbps and offers the ability to set threshold-driven network triggers that automatically adjust bandwidth to meet changing business needs.

For level 3 (or other providers) Ethernet service availability in your area or if you need a quotation, contact fiber guide.


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