Liqid and Ampere Enable Truly Heterogeneous Computing to Provide Greater Flexibility for Data Center Accelerators and Networking

Liqid and Ampere Enable Truly Heterogeneous Computing to Provide Greater Flexibility for Data Center Accelerators and Networking

The Companies Improve Optimal Performance for Workloads by Provisioning Resources as Needed to Meet Specific Data Center Requirements
BROOMFIELD, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ArtificialIntelligence–Liqid, provider of the world’s most-comprehensive composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) platform, announced today support for Arm-based servers, expanding Liqid’s ability to deliver composable resources across heterogeneous compute platforms. Collaborating with Ampere®, Liqid will introduce Gen 4.0 PCI-Express (PCIe)-based composability for the Ampere® Altra™ Mt. Jade dual-socket server. As the first cloud-native servers, Ampere® Altra™ platforms are already highly adaptive and will now be able to compose for data center accelerators such as GPU, FPGA, and persistent memory, as well as provide greater flexibility for networking and NVMe storage deployment. With the ability to compose for Arm-based servers in addition to x86-based devices, Liqid continues to provide the most comprehensive array software-defined, adaptive infrastructure solutions to address the most urgent needs of modern IT.

“The Ampere® Altra™ Mt. Jade dual-socket server platform delivers predictable high performance, security isolation, extreme scalability, and leading power efficiency,” said Matt Taylor, SVP Sales & Business Development, Ampere. “By introducing composability, Ampere® Altra™ can scale resources like GPU and other accelerators for Arm systems, as well as move between heterogeneous deployments, making it a compelling solution for those seeking to build maximum efficiency and performance.”

With 160 processor cores in a dual socket configuration, the Ampere® Altra™ processor-based Mt. Jade platform has the highest core density in the industry. Ampere® Altra™ provides the leading performance and scalability for core workloads including data analytics, database, web-tier and Android-in-the-Cloud (AIC).

With 128 lanes of PCIe Gen 4.0 per socket and 192 PCIe Gen 4.0 lanes in 2-socket configuration that can bifurcate from x16 down to x2, Ampere® Altra™ solutions provide maximum flexibility for interfacing with off-chip devices, such as NVMe storage and high-speed networking cards running in excess of 100 GBPS, also making it well suited for AI-driven applications.

The introduction of Liqid composability enhances Ampere® Altra™ processor support for GPUs, FPGAs, NICs, NVMe storage, and persistent memory, and allows it to scale these resources across PCIe, Ethernet, or Infiniband for maximum resource utilization. IT users can also share resources across hereterogenous systems, delivering unprecedented flexibility for uneven, data-intensive workloads such as those associated with AI and deep learning.

“We are excited to work with Ampere to extend the dynamic resource utilization and efficiency of composable infrastructure solutions to Arm-based compute platforms for the first time,” said Sumit Puri, CEO & Cofounder, Liqid. “Heterogeneous resources can be added on demand, managed, and scaled in unprecedented configurations, seamlessly mixing and matching legacy servers with Arm processors to maximize hardware footprints for unparalleled data performance.”

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Liqid provides the world’s most-comprehensive software-defined composable infrastructure platform. The Liqid platform empowers users to manage, scale, and configure physical, bare-metal server systems in seconds and then reallocate core data center devices on-demand as workflows and business needs evolve. Liqid Command Center software enables users to dynamically right size their IT resources on the fly. For more information, contact [email protected] or visit Follow Liqid on Twitter and LinkedIn.
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