MantisNet and STORDIS Collaborate to Boost Disaggregated Network Monitoring

MantisNet and STORDIS Collaborate to Boost Disaggregated Network Monitoring

The two companies announce a technology partnership to significantly improve network detection and response functionality with high-performance hardware and software to replace purpose-built, proprietary solutions.
RESTON, Va. & STUTTGART, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MantisNet, an industry leader for real-time network intelligence software solutions, today announces a technology partnership with STORDIS, Europe’s leading provider of open networking infrastructure solutions and versatile, P4-programmable switches. The goal of the collaboration is to provide customers with advanced features including packet brokers, firewalls, load-balancers, etc. without the need for proprietary, fixed-function hardware.

The partnership’s initial collaboration resulted in a programmable network monitoring fabric that integrated MantisNet’s Reconfigurable Frame Processor (RFP) software into STORDIS’ forward-thinking Advanced Programmable Switches (APS) series, leveraging the Barefoot switch ASICs and the P4 programming language. This combination enables high-performance, software-driven, monitoring and traffic engineering functions, significantly enhancing DevOps, network and application performance testing, streaming analytics, and cyber security applications.

MantisNet’s RFP is a P4-based software programmed to monitor and control the data-plane, better enabling clients to analyze, filter and engineer network traffic (load-balance, shape and parse) compared to the preceding generation of packet brokers, firewalls, load balancers and event management solutions. It generates in-band and out-of-band network telemetry for any and all protocols, in real-time, at wire speeds (from 1G to 100G). The RFP further optimizes the resulting metadata or flow data for efficient ingestion into existing SIEM or performance monitoring systems as well as newer forms of streaming AI and ML-based analytic workflows.

The STORDIS APS are the only OCP Accepted™ network switches available, that are based on Barefoot’s P4-programmable switch ASIC. The Barefoot ASIC offers the possibility to specifically define the data plane and supports MantisNet’s RFP software, enabling the development of a P4-driven programmable Protocol-Independent Switch Architecture (PISA). Advanced features include 1588v2 time stamping, port speeds from 1GbE to 100GbE, most powerful components and multiple management options to enable maximum functionality. Technical specifications of the APS are available for review and the assembly plans are open to the public at the OCP Contributions Database.

“This is a logical next-step in the opening up and disaggregation of what had been proprietary implementations of critical network controls, functions and network specific point solutions. Specifically, MantisNet and STORDIS enable new data plane utility and flexibility, allowing for new forms of software applications: protocol-aware stateful filtering, parsing/de-parsing, load balancing, and advanced traffic engineering,” said Alexander Jeffries, CEO of STORDIS.

Peter Dougherty, CEO of MantisNet adds, “Performing these network detection and response functions at these speeds and throughput had previously only been possible in purpose-built solutions (packet brokers, fire-walls, load-balancers, IDP/IPS and NTA appliances) that relied on very expensive purpose-built hardware and custom software. Customers can now use MantisNet software on STORDIS’ APS series to host a variety of data plane applications and do so in a way, such that they can leverage this same software/SDN-based approach on current and future generations of network hardware.”

MantisNet and STORDIS now turn their innovative and collaborative approach to engineering, to cutting-edge SDN solutions that can operate within any network; any protocol, any speed and at scale. This provides the best form of investment protection for conventional commercial networks, as well as industrial control systems. Clients of both organizations will benefit from the combined innovation and forward-thinking approach by leveraging the next generation of programmable network infrastructure.

Inquiries about this technology solution can be made at both organizations via their websites – and


STORDIS is ‘The Open Networking Expert’ and specializes in developing tailor-made network solutions for customers worldwide. As a full-service solution provider, the company offers consultancy, system integration, professional support and software development to enterprises of any size. To complement the range of existing hardware, STORDIS designed a series of versatile, powerful and fully programmable network switches (‘STORDIS Advanced Programmable Switches’) delivering significant business advantage in various fields of the industry. STORDIS is also a supporter, sponsor and active contributor to many open projects and communities, including the OCP (Open Compute Project), ONF (Open Networking Foundation), ONOS (Open Network Operating System), P4 Language Consortium, and further broadcast-specific organizations.

About MantisNet

MantisNet develops cloud-native network solutions that transforms network traffic into an invaluable source of real-time intelligence. MantisNet enables real-time end-to-end visibility and control through data plane engineering, network monitoring, protocol analysis (from L2 to L7) and provides the capability for real-time interactive remediation of anomalies, threats, fraud, and malicious activities. MantisNet’s solutions enable organizations to better monitor and control network traffic compared to traditional packet brokers, firewalls, event management and traffic engineering solutions. For more information, visit

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Peter Dougherty | CEO MantisNet
Location: Reston, VA, USA
Email: [email protected]: 202-505-2974

Alexander Jeffries | CEO STORDIS
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Email: [email protected]: +49 711 34 21 58 0

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