Medigate Named as Hot IoT Startup to Watch in Big50-2019 Startup Report

Medigate Named as Hot IoT Startup to Watch in Big50-2019 Startup Report

Company helps healthcare organizations secure and manage all medical devices, including clinical and general IoT devices
NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Medigate has been named a “Hot Startup to Watch” in the Internet of Things (IoT) category for Startup50’s Big50-2019 Startup Report, which spotlights 50 startups that have gained a foothold in fast-growth tech sectors. Medigate was chosen for its unique medical device security and asset management platform, which addresses both clinical IoT and general IoT devices within healthcare organizations. Medigate enables accurate and comprehensive device discovery, contextual and behavioral anomaly detection, and clinical policy enforcement for healthcare organizations’ entire clinical networks.

“Healthcare organizations today are facing an immense challenge of securing their entire network while remaining vigilant around an increasing amount of cyberattacks,” said Jonathan Langer, CEO of Medigate. “Medigate is uniquely positioned to help them overcome these issues by providing three essential capabilities: visibility into all network connected devices, detection of potential threats and automated prevention of attacks. We are honored to be recognized by the Startup50 team for the work we’re doing to support our customers’ efforts to protect clinical data and, ultimately, their patients.”

Cyberattacks are on the rise, especially in healthcare. Hospitals and health systems must prioritize their network security – but securing IoT devices is not the same as securing medical devices. Medigate is advancing healthcare cybersecurity by adding medical device and clinical workflow expertise to traditional IoT security. By fusing the knowledge and understanding of medical workflows, protocols and device identities with the reality of today’s pandemic cybersecurity threats, Medigate enables providers to ensure the delivery of critical treatment and the protection of patient data.

Each year, Startup50 features startups that are poised to upend the status quo in a range of industries, from next-gen cybersecurity to Software-Defined Networking to the Internet of Things. The Startup50 team evaluated nearly 400 startups to find 50 that have the right combination of attributes to compete in high-growth, cut-throat, tech-driven markets. The Final 50 are the determined few who fought their way through the entire gauntlet, ranging from story pitches to concisely defining problems from a customer’s POV to forecasting future trends.

“I’ve been covering startups since the dotcom bubble first started to inflate. As a journalist, one of the most vexing challenges is separating the contenders from the science projects,” said Jeff Vance, founder of Startup50. “With so much noise in the startup world, finding any meaningful signals, especially ones that truly correlate with success, is an uphill battle. The startups in this report are the ones that have the right combination of attributes, such as funding and named customers, that show they’re ready to compete in a cut-throat market.”

About and the Big50 2019

Jeff Vance founded Startup50 in 2013 to establish a site that would evaluate, test, and track hot technology startups. Prior to founding Startup50, Jeff regularly contributed features stories to, Network World, CIO, Wired, and many others. He also founded and still runs Sandstorm Media, a content marketing consultancy, in 2003.

The Big50 is Jeff’s yearly roundup of the hottest 50 tech startups to watch. To be featured in the Big50, startups must go through Startup50’s rigorous vetting process. The startups in this year’s report represent the technologies, market sectors, and trends that are poised to upend the economic status quo in the coming year and beyond. Read about them at

About Medigate

Medigate is the industry’s first and leading dedicated medical device security and asset management platform, enabling providers to deliver secure, connected care. Medigate fuses the knowledge and understanding of medical workflow and device identity and protocols with the reality of today’s cybersecurity threats. With Medigate, hospital networks can safely operate all medical devices on their network, enabling deployment of existing and new devices to patients while ensuring privacy and safety.
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