Mellanox 200 Gigabit HDR InfiniBand Advances Innovations in High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Mellanox 200 Gigabit HDR InfiniBand Advances Innovations in High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Mellanox Teams with Dell Technologies to Enable Supercomputing Platforms with Highest Levels of Performance and Efficiency for Commercial, Research, and Scientific Applications
DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Mellanox–SUPERCOMPUTING CONFERENCE – Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ: MLNX), a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end smart interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, announced today the Extreme-Scale High-Performance Computing Program, teaming with Dell Technologies to empower customers to quickly and easily deploy advanced innovations in high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The program is designed to enable supercomputing platforms with the highest levels of performance and efficiency, and will focus on the following key areas:

Supercomputing platforms: Bringing together Mellanox’s 200 gigabit HDR InfiniBand ConnectX®-6 smart adapters, Mellanox HDR InfiniBand Quantum™ switches and LinkX® cables and transceivers with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers to form scalable, high-performance supercomputing platforms. The combination of Mellanox In-Network Computing technologies, such as Mellanox Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation and Reduction Protocol (SHARP)™, SHIELD™ for the highest network resiliency, and the enhanced adaptive routing and congestion control mechanisms, with Dell Technologies’ server portfolio will enable commercial companies, government agencies, and universities to achieve a high-performance compute infrastructure at any size, and to scale them as needed to meet their application demands over time.

Comprehensive software suite and optimization: Mellanox’s leading software packages for HPC and AI applications, network management and monitoring provide end-users with the software and tools needed to optimize their data center performance, efficiency, and scalability, and to simplify the data center management and operations. As strong believers and prolific contributors of standards-based technologies and open source software programs, Dell Technologies and Mellanox will continue to enhance and contribute to such programs.

HPC and AI benchmarking centers and ecosystem enablement: Mellanox and Dell Technologies are upgrading established benchmarking centers at their respective sites to be used for new solution development, performance optimizations, and ecosystem enablement. The companies will work together with leading ISVs to enhance their software solutions by taking advantage of the technological advantages which Mellanox and Dell Technologies platforms provide.

“The combination of Mellanox’s 200 gigabit HDR InfiniBand technology and solutions with Dell Technologies’ rich portfolio of servers will provide our mutual customers with world-leading supercomputing platforms at any scale, bringing best-in-class performance and efficiency to high-performance computing and deep learning applications,” said Gilad Shainer, senior vice president marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “We greatly value our long-term relationship with Dell Technologies and are excited to work with them on enabling the next generation of supercomputers.”

“With Mellanox, we’ve been able to collaborate on many supercomputers throughout the years, delivering the systems needed for high-performance research, scientific discovery, and product development,” said Thierry Pellegrino, vice president of High-Performance Computing, Dell Technologies. “We believe open standards-based innovation leads to state-of-the-art performance for a broad range of HPC and AI applications to meet customer needs.”

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