Metric Centric Launches New Federal Agency CX Audit Offering

Metric Centric Launches New Federal Agency CX Audit Offering

Quickturn Quantitative Report Provides Baseline Findings Aligned with New Office of Management & Budget (OMB) Guidance on Managing Customer Experience and Service Delivery
WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Metric Centric, an advisory practice dedicated to analyzing consumer attention, announced today the launch of a new product offering the Federal Agency CX Audit. In response to the new OMB Circular A-11 and its guidance on managing customer experience and improving service delivery, the company has tailored its proprietary quantitative scorecard to meet the specific needs of federal agencies.

Leveraging the simplicity of Metric Centric’s Audience Impact Score (AIS), which offers a combined view of market sentiment and perception towards specific federal agencies and their respective programs, the Federal Agency CX Audit uses a weighted analysis of six well-recognized marketplace metrics to give agencies a benchmark of existing programs and services against success metrics calculated from public perception.

Accurately and effectively measuring federal agency CX requires having a clear baseline knowledge of their existing CX. Easy to read and understand, the Federal Agency CX Audit makes a swath of data readily understood. With additional insights and direct examples from the marketplace the high-level report makes audience sentiment and perception actionable and relevant.

“Federal agencies have an immediate need to understand the vast amount of data their constituents have generated about their programs and agency,” noted George Assimakopoulos, Metric Centric Founder and Managing Partner. “Knowing how to value and weight that data and how it can shape the perception and sentiment of their specific agency will guide CX efforts for years to come. This is why Metric Centric has created the Federal Agency CX Audit.”

As the new fiscal year begins, Metric Centric is advising agencies on the best approach to establish a clear CX quantitative baseline in Q1 and beyond. Agencies interested in speaking Metric Centric’s experts to learn more can reach out directly at [email protected] or 240-762-6600.

About Metric Centric

Metric Centric leverages the best tools and latest technologies to aggregate consumer sentiment and perception data. We overlay demographic profiling tools and our highly-trained analysts personally review the findings for relevancy, anomalies, and insights. Metric Centric’s proprietary approach distills the findings into a set of custom scorecards that provide at-a-glance actionable business intelligence. Each Metric Centric client receives analysis and reporting that is custom calibrated to meet specific needs and interests. Learn more: Online, LinkedIn or [email protected] to learn more about the Federal Agency CX Audit.
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