Modern Governance 7.0: Introducing Community by Diligent, an Inclusive Platform that Drives Efficiency, Engagement and Accessibility for Public Education and Local Government 

Modern Governance 7.0: Introducing Community by Diligent, an Inclusive Platform that Drives Efficiency, Engagement and Accessibility for Public Education and Local Government 

New best-of-breed technology powers public sector governing bodies to practice modern governance and engage with the community—anytime, anywhere
NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a major advancement for local governments, public school boards and special districts, Diligent today launched Community by Diligent, an enhanced platform that extends modern governance technology and capabilities to the public sector. Building on Diligent’s deep experience in offering digital governance solutions to corporate boards, Community by Diligent provides local governments and public education leaders with the same streamlined approach to modern governance, but tailored to the specific needs of councils and school boards.

Many local governments, school boards and special districts are relying on paper-bound processes or outdated technologies that no longer meet the needs of today’s digital age. As a consequence, they are facing serious governance gaps, struggling with poor meeting efficiency, issues with inclusion, transparency and security, and lack of access to real-time information. Due to the tight budgets of many school districts and local governments, they often are unable to adequately invest in security infrastructure and in-house cybersecurity expertise. As a result, public sector organizations are quickly becoming highly targeted groups for cyberattacks, which can cost millions of dollars per incident, and can cost even more in tarnished reputations and loss of public trust. Community by Diligent, alongside forward-thinking public leaders, addresses these pressing governance gaps.

“Technology has become a tremendous enabler for local governments, school boards and special districts. Now, through Community by Diligent, all of these organizations have access to an accessible solution that enables modern governance to give them a strategic advantage,” said Brian Stafford, Diligent CEO. “But it goes even deeper than that by leveling the playing field for individuals who may not otherwise be able to attend meetings in person, enabling them to fully participate in the process. We’re very proud of that.”

Community by Diligent is a responsive design, “mobile first” digital solution that enables boards and councils to drive workflows in a predictable and transparent manner, encouraging engagement and making the decision making process more effective. For constituents, this means that not only are all current and past meeting documents available anytime from anywhere, but live, fully inclusive meeting participation is now possible.

In addition to its “mobile first” design, Community was built using the best features market-leading systems to enable functional continuity for existing customers, alongside enhancements which include an improved platform built for speed, stability and a greatly improved user experience. Other significant features include:

Agenda and board book creation

Board or council member cross device annotations

One-click print

Enhanced accessibility features

Improved mobile first UI

Fewer clicks and more productivity

Powerful search capabilities

Localized community-specific user interface

Social media

“Small and rural school districts have always been focused on accessibility, but that term has continued to evolve to include not only individual students with physical limitations but the ability for busy parents and other constituents to participate fully in the work of our district,” said Tim Taylor, Executive Director for the Small School Districts Association (SSDA). “Using Community by Diligent helps us to focus on these issues while providing an efficient and accountable governance platform. The time our members save as they are freed up from office work can be rededicated to drive success in other areas across the district.”

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About Diligent

Diligent is the pioneer in modern governance. Diligent empowers leaders to turn governance into community impact through unparalleled insight and highly secure, integrated SaaS applications that help public sector entities thrive and endure in today’s complex landscape. Diligent’s trusted, cloud-based applications streamline the day-to-day work of boards, councils and committees, support accountability and transparency, manage hundreds of policy documents and files, and deliver the insights and information leaders need to address stakeholder concerns and create impact.

The largest global network of directors and executives, Diligent is relied on by more than 16,000 organizations and 650,000 leaders in over 90 countries. With an eye towards inclusivity and accessibility, Diligent serves some of the largest public governing bodies and more than 50% of the Fortune 1000, 70% of the FTSE 100, and 65% of the ASX.

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