Monnit Wins 2019 Utah Manufacturer of the Year Award

Monnit Wins 2019 Utah Manufacturer of the Year Award

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IIoT–The Utah Manufacturers Association (UMA) named Monnit Corporation 2019 Manufacturer of the Year. Monnit received the award on Nov. 2. at UMA’s 114th Annual Awards Banquet.

“The Manufacturer of the Year Award reflects Monnit’s dedication to creating the best Internet of Things devices via our adaptive engineering and market-driven manufacturing processes,” said Brad Walters, Monnit CEO. “It also highlights the skill and commitment of Utah’s workforce, better products—of all types—are made here in Utah.”

UMA recognized 12 firms excelling in manufacturing through innovation, R&D leadership and operational impact. Other criteria were outstanding best practices, economic achievement, community and state involvement, public outreach and fidelity to the principles of free enterprise.

The awards are open to any manufacturer with a significant presence in Utah, intensifying the competition. In 2018, Forbes ranked Salt Lake 15 of 373 metro areas where “manufacturing is thriving.” UMA represents 1,200 Utah manufacturers.

“Manufacturing is the engine that drives the economy in both the United States and in Utah. Producing more than $20 billion in economic output, manufacturing is a significant contributor to the number one diverse economy in the country,” said Todd R. Bingham, UMA president. “Utah manufacturing companies produce the products, food, and items we use every day.”

Manufacturing an industry-leading 70+ wireless sensors in Utah differentiated Monnit. Monnit products are used in 88 countries—14,000 variants accommodate global frequencies.

Monnit Sensors are the Check Engine Light™ for businesses—continually monitoring operations and assets and sending alerts via text, call, or email when issues arise. Monnit sensors have helped protect 23,000+ firms—capturing 10.25+ billion data points.

Monitoring Made to Order

Monnit synchronizes engineering, operations, sales and production via design for manufacturing. White label offerings include custom hardware and software development and board-level products. To produce these deviations, Monnit Manufacturing follows one-piece flow—expediting throughput while protecting quality.

Utah Grown, Internationally Known

Eaten at the world’s largest fast-food chains lately? Monnit likely helped ensure your meal was fresh and safe. There’s also a one-in-three chance Monnit helped produce your steering wheel or protected the servers you used to search the internet. These partnerships make Monnit’s made-in-Utah technology integral to some of the world’s foremost organizations.

About Monnit Corporation

Monnit is the industry-leading innovator in developing self-installed, cost-effective wireless sensor solutions. Find your monitoring solution at
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